The Magus Chronicles
"In every dream there is a nightmare.  In every nightmare, there is a hope."

Book One:  Someone Special

It was all over. They had finally defeated Lavos. Crono's party disbanded and returned to their home time, where they should be. But where would Magus end up? What does Magus live for? The only thing he lives for is his sister Schala, his ray of sunshine.
Carla has always had a cozy life, a normal life. But she had other wants, wants of being royalty, someone important. When strange things start occurring, she can't help but think she is more than normal.


"Schala! Schala! Where are you!" Janus screeched running through the halls. He collided with citizen, nearly toppling over.
"The kingdom is going to collapse! We don't have a prayer!" People were running back and forth, heading for the nearest exits. Janus figured everyone was headed for the lower world where the humans lived. Not long ago, the people of the upper world, the "Enlightened Ones" were viewed as the superior race of beings because they had the gift of magic. Those who didn't have this gift, the humans were never to set foot upon the upper land of Zeal. But now none of that matter for his mother had gone too far. She had awakened Lavos despite the warnings of the Gurus.
As Janus exited the building, he could see the support columns failing as the Upper World slowly started sinking into the ocean. From the high elevation, he could see a line nearly a mile long at the warp gate that teleported beings to the lower world. Although he was a bit shaken, he continued his search, reaching the palace after a few minutes. It had been cleared out by the time he got there. Books and papers were strew everywhere, and furniture toppled over. As he stepped through the doorway, he heard something from around the corner.
"Schala?" he whispered, peering at the corner. He hesitantly began to walk toward the sound readying himself for anything. As he was about to turn the corner, a figure jumped out and lunged at his chest!
Janus was knocked over. He braced himself for the oncoming assault, but instead felt a lick on his arm. "Alfador!" he cried. His own cat had attacked him. Janus giggled as Alfador strutted down the hall. For a moment, Janus had forgot about his task.
Schala! He raced around the corner screaming out her name. The echo of his boots sounded across the palace. Where could she have gone? He heard a sound that came from his room. It sounded almost like a cough! He dashed into the room beaming with delight.
"Schala! I'm so glad I found you! I was…" For a moment he was bewildered.
Where was she? As he turned around, a shadow engulfed him. He felt a blow to his head, then everything went black.

Chapter I

There was a light, then a sudden drop. Magus dusted off the snow on his cape and looked about him. The icy plains stretched as far as he could see. Magus got up hesitantly, his boot crunching in the snow as he began to survey his surroundings.
Where do I start?
Magus picked up his Scythe, looking over the bloodstains on it. There was a flash and he heard screaming. He saw himself on top a bridge, people running into the way of his deadly scythe. So much blood…. So many dead…His focus snapped back to the field of snow.
What was that? He stared blankly at the sky. I'm not like that anymore, I've changed. If only he could really believe himself. This was not the first time this had happened. Not long after joining Crono's group had he started to have these visions. Often times he found himself dreaming about killing Crono's party in the middle of the night. He had thought it over carefully when he couldn't sleep. It wouldn't be that hard now would it? Just slit their throats. No one will ever know. Sometimes he couldn't even stand to be with them for the fear that he might lose his sanity. Then he had other visions, those of his past life in Zeal. It was so happy, so tranquil. These he liked to cherish. Once he dreamed about a time when he and Schala had played a trick on the three Gurus. They had waited till the Gurus went to sleep, then cast a hold spell on their bedroom door. The whole palace was in panic the next morning when the Gurus never showed up!
Magus chuckled to himself.
Ah, those were the good old days. Sometimes he thought that these memories were the only thing he had left to live for. That and Schala. He knew she was out there, and he would do whatever it takes to find her.

Carla stared out the window of the shop. Sometimes she just wished that she could leave this town and start a new life. The sound of sewing machines whirred in the background, pulling her out of her daydream.
Someday, she thought to herself. She turned her attention back to the dress she was making. Rumor had it that she was making the dress in which Queen Nadia was to be wed in! She had always dreamt of being royalty, for the past 2 years anyway. The rest had been a blur. Her friends had told her that they had found her in the woods one day and decided to take her home. Why can't I remember anything! She wondered if her life before could be any worse than this. Nothing was worse than this. She glanced at her watch. 5 o'clock! Time to go home! She grabbed her coat and waved good-bye to the manager and stepped out the door. The sun beamed down on her and she thought, Someday…

Chapter II

It was a long walk but Magus finally saw something over the horizon. A tent! He quickened his pace, now almost gliding across the snow covered field. It was getting dark so he quickened his pace yet again. What's the matter? You afraid of the dark? YOU ARE DARK!  The words echoed in his head.
"Schala! Schala!"
"What is it Janus?"
"I'm sorry, it's just that I don't like the dark…"
" It's ok, you'll get used to it eventually"
Magus shut his eyes trying to block it out. I'm not bad! I've changed!
No you haven't! Embrace the darkness! It's who you are!
Clutching his head, Magus collapsed on the ground screaming "LEAVE ME ALONE! I'M NOT LIKE YOU ANYMORE!" Weariness came over Magus as he passed out on the snow.

"Janus, it's time to go to bed!"
"But I'm not sleepy"
"Well, mother says that if you don't go to sleep now, she may have to cast a sleep spell on you!
"Fine Fine!"
"Now Janus, did you bring that knife here?"
"Janus? Janus?! NOOOOOOOO!"

Magus awoke. Beads of sweat dripped down from his chest. He sat up. He looked around. When did I reach here? He leapt of the bed and found his clothes in a pile across the room. Quickly he changed, and grabbed his pouch. As he was adjusting his cape, a woman walked in.
"Who are you?! Where am I?! Where did you put my scythe?!" Magus was literally screaming at the young woman.
"I'm sorry sir but you passed out in the snow and the villagers brought you here." She seemed a bit frightened by Magus's appearance. His skin tone was a sickly white and his hair a blood-soaked purple.
"Well answer my question already! Who are you?!"
"My name is Florence."
"Where am I?!"
" You are at the remains of the city of Zeal"
"Janus, we must protect Zeal from any harm, that is why you are gifted with magic"
"I know…"
"What happened to Zeal?" Magus had calmed down now. He looked almost depressed.
"Well, not too long ago, the Queen of Zeal summoned Lavos which made the Upper World collapse. But all is well now because Crono stopped Lavos. You never heard sir?"
"Zeal…co…co…collapsed?" Magus fell back against the bed. He had remembered the Queen summoning Lavos. He was in disguise as a prophet at the time.
But Zeal collapsed?
"Are you alright sir?"
"Yes… could you point me in the way of a store of some sort?" Magus was in need of Tonics badly.
"Just go to the common grounds and you should find what you're looking for." Magus thanked her and stepped out of the tent. Unlike the fields, there was little snow within the village it self. He looked about him and saw a gathering place of some sort.
That must be the commons. As he walked over there, he sensed something. He could hear rapid movement behind him. He turned just in time to see a ball of fur fly at him!
"Minsc!!!" Magus caught Minsc with one hand.
How did he survive?! Magus put Minsc down on the floor. He bent down to examine Minsc's foot. He could see many fractures and could tell Minsc was in pain. As he got up, he noticed several men approaching him. He could tell they weren't in a good mood.
"Looks like the cat likes you punk" The first man looked at Magus with contempt.
"People say he belonged to the son of the Queen" The second man looked Magus up with a dirty glare.
"You happen to know this prince?" The third man seemed to linger on the last word.
Magus looked around, returning the look. "I happen to be that prince. Now if you don't mind, I'd like to go to the common grounds." Magus began to walk again, but was stopped abruptly by the first man.
"Well, thanks to your mom, we got stuck down in this hell hole! Why don't we repay the favor?" The first man lunged at Magus without hesitation. Not expecting that, Magus was knocked backwards a couple of feet. A thin stream of blood dripped from his mouth. He wiped the blood away with his arm.

Are you going to take that from him? Kill him on the spot
No, I don't want to kill a villager.
He made you bleed… when was the last time you bled?
…Please… no…
You know you want to. Just go ahead and kill him.
Magus stood up and lowered his eyes. The men began to circle him. Magus uttered a magical phrase and an eerie red glow surrounded him. The men stepped back, stunned from this display. All of a sudden, a bright light burst out from Magus. All three guys were burned severely. Magus pulled out his scythe and smiled. "The black wind howls again…" Magus's scythe flew with precision as it connected with the first man's head. Before the second man could get up, Magus drove a hole through his head. Terrified, the third man ran, but to no avail. Magus uttered a phrase, and a bolt of lightning charred the man. Magus looked over the ground. So much blood…So many dead. He took one final glance, and ran to the hills above town.
How could I let myself do that?!
It's ok, now you know you can't escape your past.
Nooooooooooo!!!!!!!!! I won't let you take over!

"Are you done with that dress yet Carla?" The manager was a bit edgy today because of the order. It was not everyday that he was asked to make the Queen's wedding dress.
"Don't worry sir, I'll have it done soon. I just need to finish off the bottom." Carla looked over the stitching on the bottom of the dress.
Not bad… she won't be disappointed. Fact was, Carla was the best seamstress in the shop. She didn't know how she got the talent. She just seemed good at it.
"What size do you want the dress Princess Schala?"
"Um… I don't know…"
"Size eight!" Did I say that out loud?!
"Size eight what?" The manager looked puzzled. "Are you alright Carla?"
"Yes, I'm fine sir"
Who is Schala? What was that?
"Well you better finish it off. The delivery man will be here anytime soon." Carla just had to finish one more stitch.
It looks lovely, I wish I could wear it.
"Ok, I'm done." Carla carefully picked up the dress and put it on the mannequin. It was only 2 'o clock. Carla gazed up at the ceiling fan. It hummed softly.
Well, I still have three hours…. With that, she dozed.

Chapter III

There were dark clouds covering the sky as Magus awoke.
Where am I? The last he had remembered was running off into the mountains near Zeal. Magus got up, crunching some leaves doing so. In the distance he could see a castle. … Guardia castle!? I'm in the 600's! Magus looked frightened as he desperately tried to find the warp gate he came through. If they find me I'm as good as dead! He remembered the day that Crono's party had entered his castle. Everyone thinks I'm dead… He didn't even want to think about what would happen if he was found. There was only one thing left to do, find Glenn.
Magus remembered Glenn's hideout, about a mile or two south of Guardia castle. He began walking along the forest hoping not to be seen. Not five minutes later, he passed a town and he looked in a window.
They're all so happy. He could see children running around, and a warm fire glowing from the fireplace. He could never have that though. It was all just a dream for him. Without looking back he began walking again, hidden in the shadow of the trees.

"Carla! Wake up quick!" The manager was shaking her as he ran about. Carla glanced at her watch.
6 o' clock! I must have slept longer than I thought. As she made her way to the door, the manager stopped her.
"Carla! The deliveryman never showed up to pick up the dress! I need you to deliver it for me!"
Me? Well at least I would get to see the castle. "Alright sir. I'll leave immediately." She grabbed the dress in its cover and ran out the door. Better not be late or my boss will kill me! She could see Guardia castle towering over her. She quickly made her way to the front gate. She could see two guards standing there. They both seemed motionless, even when she walked up to them.
"Excuse me madam, what is your clearance?" said the first guard.
"I'm delivering a dress to the Queen" Carla showed the guard the dress, careful not to drop in on the floor.
"Clearance granted," retorted the second guard. The gate creaked open, and Carla timidly stepped in. Two huge stone towers jutted out from the main castle going up what seemed like a mile! As she stepped through the gigantic arch that was over the entrance, she felt inferior. When she stepped inside, she crinkled her nose. It was very musty inside, almost palpable. To her right she saw a staircase, and to her left she saw a staircase.
Which way? As if he could read her mind, a guard walked up to her and said,
"If you are here to deliver the wedding dress, go to your right and proceed three flights of stairs till you reach her majesties room."
I'm going to the queen's room?! She felt even more inferior now. As she ascended the staircase, she could see the whole kingdom out a window. It's beautiful… The Nadia Bell was ringing in the distance, which signaled the annual Moonlight Parade. She had never been to one yet, but she hoped to catch the end after delivering the dress. When she reached the third flight of stairs, she nearly walked into a wall. This must be the queen's room. The door was ajar so she peeked inside. It was dark, but she could make out a bed. She stepped inside, the lights flicked, on and she was stunned for a second. Oh my god… The room was the size of the town hall! To the far right stood a bed, almost ten times her size and on the far wall hung a rich tapestry. She walked to the center of the room. I better leave the dress and get going. She placed the dress on the dresser which was located behind the bed. Just as she bent down to unzip the cover, she noticed something in a bottom drawer. It was glowing yellow and pulsated with a kind of power. I can feel something
Give me your pendent Schala!
B…u..But mother, the Guru's warned you against this!
Are you disobeying me Schala?
Carla looked dazed. Why do I keep hearing this Schala person? She looked around to make sure nobody was around, then picked up the pendent. She could feel it throbbing in her hands. What the…
"Who's in here?" A voiced shouted from the doorway. The Queen! Carla threw the pendent back into the drawer and stood up.
"I…I…I'm here to…to… deliver your dress…" She felt like she was shrinking to the size of an ant. The Queen stepped up to her.
"Oh you're finally here. I was beginning to worry when no one showed up." To Carla's surprise, the Queen was wearing a simple green dress. She had long blonde hair tied up in a ponytail and had the bluest eyes she had ever seen.
"If you don't mind, could you help me try on the dress?" Carla was shocked.
Me? Help the Queen try on a dress?
"If…if you wish your magest…
"Please, call me Marle"

"Your pendent looks exactly like mine Marle."
"Do you think it has the same power as yours?"

"Marle… I have heard that name somewhere before"
"Hmm, well I guess it's not that rare of a name." Marle caught Carla, glancing at the bottom shelf of the drawer. "Let me guess, you looked in that drawer didn't you?"
Oh no! I'm caught. "I…um…well…you see…"
"No, no, it's ok. Not many people know this, but that pendent you saw was a magical pendent. That was probably why if was shining right?" Marle carefully placed the pendent around her neck. It glowed a feint blue now.
"Magic…" Carla stared dumbfounded at the pendent.

"My name is Schala. I'm an Enlightened One. I am here to help you humans any way possible"
"Do you have magic?"
"Yes I do…"

"Carla? Carla?"
"Oh sorry, I was just thinking."
"Well I guess anyone would have the same reaction."
"Yes, I guess they would"
"Um… could we get back to the dress now?"
"Oh yes, yes, sorry" Carla took one last look at the pendent and took the wedding dress out of the cover.
"Oh my god! You made this?" Marle examined the dress from head to toe. Clearly she was amazed.
"Well, yes your magest… err..  Marle."
"I can't wait to show this to Crono. I guess I was right in picking your shop to make my dress. " Carla beamed with delight. She helped Marle out of the green dress, and put on the other dress. As she was zippering up the back, she could she Marle was amazed at how she looked in the mirror. But Carla wasn't looking at the dress, she was looking at the pendent.

Magus dodged to the right as a giant spider leapt at him. The second one met an untimely death, running into Magus's scythe. One spider leapt onto Magus's back. He tried throwing him off, but it was no good. Cursing under his breath, Magus cast a Fire spell, and a red ring formed around him. Instantly the spider on his back was killed. Then there was a burst of light and all the rest of the spiders were dead. He looked down to see one of the spiders still moving. He crushed its head with his boot; it stopped moving. He looked past the tree line and he could see a clearing up ahead.
He stepped over the carcasses of the spiders and walked out into the clearing. In the middle was a rock. But it did not look normal to Magus. He inspected it carefully. Then he uttered a few words and a lightning bolt spilt it in half. He was never one to do anything the hard way. He looked down and saw a staircase leading under the ground.
Bingo! Carefully, he set his scythe down, looked about, and stepped into the hole.
It was dark and humid down here. He looked around and found a table. To his right lay a dresser, but no Glenn.
I guess I'll just have to wait for him. He stepped up to the dresser and opened some drawers. I just want to know what Frogs wear. In one drawer he found five tonics and two ethers. Making sure Glenn hadn't returned, he stashed them in his pouch. He was good now, just not that good. Out of the corner of his eye, something gleamed. He turned around just in time to find a sword at his neck.
"Magus, why art thou in my home?" Glenn glared at Magus.
"I seem to have been accidentally teleported to your time and I can't find another warp gate. I'm in search of my sister Schala."
"Thou need not search for thy sister. I shall return thy favor for Sir Cyrus and take thy head!" With that, Glenn swung his sword. Magus easily dodged out of the way.
"I do not want to fight you Glenn. What happened, happened. I am not like that anymore. I have changed. I am truly sorry that I changed you into a frog!"

Finish what you started! Kill the damn toad!
I can't! Killing him will just trap me in this time.
You don't need to leave. You can regain your empire!
I must find Schala!
Fuck Schala! You were born to rule!

Again without warning, Glenn took another swing and connected with Magus's arm. The cut on his arm turned a pale green. The Masamune! He knew it was the Masamune because that sword was the only one that could kill him. He wants to kill me? Well I'm not surprised, I did turn him into a frog. Unarmed, Magus feared that Glenn would kill him with ease. I must disarm him.  He recalled back when he had first destroyed the Masamune. There was a spell that was used to separate it wasn't there?
"Nuega, zeiner, zeiber, zom..." There was a strange glow emitting from the Masamune. Glenn looked up.
"What spell hast thou cast upon thy Masamune?!" A cold wind blew through the room. Glenn felt it and looked in horror as the Masamune turned black. Magus uttered the words for the lightning spell and it struck Glenn unconscious. Magus looked at the Masamune. He could not leave it here for fear that Glenn may come hunting for him. Magus took Glenn's sheath and placed it around his waist. Then carefully placed the Masamune inside. He made haste to leave the room and stepped outside.
Rain, just great. There were sheets of rain pummeling the ground as Magus ran for the cover of the trees.

Chapter IV

"The Queen complimented our shop?! That is quite an honor Carla." Her boss was ecstatic when she told him the good news. In fact, Marle had even wanted them to make Crono's tux. Everyone in the shop was on that task day-in and day-out. Only Carla couldn't concentrate. Magic… She didn't know why, but she felt an urge to know more… But how could I get back into the palace?
"Sir, I was wondering. Could I deliver the tuxedo once it was done?" This was her only chance.
"Well… I think you earned that right. Since you got back, the shop has been getting orders around the clock. You have almost doubled our income! Whatever you want Carla, you can have!"
YES! She had not known her visit had made that much of a difference.
"I'm going to the Moonlight Parade sir. I'll see you tomorrow." Carla waved good bye and stepped out the door. There was a nice breeze as she jogged toward the Millennium Fair. She could already see the fire works from where she was.
It's almost done! She started running, hoping to make it before the last firework.

It was still raining when Magus reached Guardia kingdom. Luckily, he had bought a shawl to cover his identity. He stepped into the local tavern shrugging off the rain. The smell of stale food and cheap ale engulfed the store. Magus took a seat at the counter.
"What'll you have Mr.?" The bartender did not even look up as he said it.
"Just give me anything I can buy with 40 GP." Although Magus did not want to believe it, he was broke.
So now I'm stuck in a place where I have no money, and everyone wants to kill me. The bartender poured a glass of thick red liquid and handed it to Magus.
"You watch out now. Many people can't stand one sip of the stuff." Magus eyed the drink carefully, and took it in one gulp. The bartender looked in awe as Magus set the glass down.
"More." The bartender filled the glass again, this time looking straight at Magus. Again, Magus took the whole thing in one gulp.
"You're a strong one ain't ya?" Magus looked up, making sure the bartender couldn't see his face.
"I guess you could say it runs in the family." Just then he heard someone across the bar say, "The cave to the north still leads to Medina…" Magus stood up and walked over.
"Good evening gentlemen. I couldn't help hearing your were talking about Medina village." That was where he had to go.
If I could get there, perhaps I could reach my old castle. There is sure to be something there of use.
"That we were stranger. We was going to try to find Magus's old castle. Rumor has it there is a lot of treasure there." My castle!
"Well gentlemen, mind letting and old man skilled with sword accompany you?"
The men stared at him and started laughing. "You skilled with a sword?! HAHAHAHA! You're an old hag!" They continued laughing.
"Care to test me gentlemen. I'll take you both." They both calmed down and eyed Magus suspiciously.
"Alright old man. We'll take ya. But if anything should happen, it ain't our fault." They both drew there swords and Magus unsheathed the Masamune.
"That's a nice sword you got there old man. Too bad its gonna be mine soon."
"Enough blabber. Come now if your ready for the void…" Magus steadied the Masamune as the two men lunged at him. The whole tavern gathered around for the fight. Magus easily stepped out of the way of one blade, and blocking the other. He swung the Masamune with a downward stroke making a gash in the first man's chest. With a cry, the second man came from behind, waving his sword like a loon. Magus turned around waving the Masamune, destroying the second man's sword. Magus ducked out of the way as the first half of the sword flew over him stabbing the first man. His knees buckled and the first man collapsed. Magus turned to the second man, finding him on his knees.
"You…you… won! Please sir spare my life!" Magus looked down at the second man. "My name is Toma. It…it… seems I ne…need a new partner for my journey. Wou…would you like t…to accompany me?" Magus could clearly see Toma was bargaining for his life but knew it was his only was to get to his castle.
"Stop babbling and get up. We start tomorrow. Get some sleep cause were leaving early." Magus looked around, and walked out of the tavern.

It's over? Ah crap. By the time Carla had got there, they were cleaning up. She sat down on a bench and kicked a streamer off her foot. Well, there's always next year… But she didn't want to wait. She got up to start leaving when she heard some giggling behind the bushes. What could that be? Carla sneaked over and peeked behind the bushes. Marle! She saw the Queen and another man sitting on the floor. That must be Crono. She never liked to eavesdrop but she couldn't help it.
"That parade was wonderful. Not as good as last years though" said Crono. He was peering into Marle's eyes.
"I agree. You know, I'm getting a little cold…"
"You don't have to play that trick on me again. I'll just kiss you." Marle smiled as Crono leaned over. Carla decided she had to see this so moved in a little closer, then fell!
"What was that?" Marle stood up and looked around.
Crono, obviously upset, kicked a tree and mumbled, "I'll go look around."

Oh no! They're going to find me!
She got up and started running. She was about to exit the Fair when someone tackled her.
"Got him!" Crono turned Carla around and said, "I mean got her?" Carla stood up, brushing off some dirt as Marle ran over.
"Oh! Crono, this is the woman that made my wedding dress, and is making your tux for the wedding." Carla smiled nervously.
"I see. But what were you doing here this late?" Crono still wanted an explanation.
"Um, when I finished delivering Marle's dress, I came too late to the parade and it was over. I heard some giggling behind the bushes and went to see what it was." Both Marle and Crono blushed.
"Well, yes, um we were just staying after to, uh, clean up. Yea!" Crono was the worst liar Carla had ever seen. Crono looked to Marle for some backup, but when finding none hung his head.
"Anyway, I have a proposition for you Carla." Carla looked up as Marle talked. "I was so impressed with your work that I had to ask you, do you mind becoming the tailor for the castle?" Carla stepped back a bit and gaped.
Oh my god, this is my chance to change my life! The castle… "Well?" Marle still waited for an answer.
"Of…of course! I'd love to!" Carla was so excited she could hardly keep it in. After all the arrangements had been made, she was supposed to move into the castle by Monday.
I can't wait to tell everyone! Carla was walking on the clouds the rest of the way home.

Toma added a few more things to his backpack, then hopped aboard the ship. Magus was already on since he had nothing to pack. Toma, lugging a huge backpack walked up to Magus and said, "Packing light I see old…uh I didn't catch your name." Magus stared blankly.
"Cyrus" said Magus without any expression.
"Cyrus as in the captain of the Guardia Knights?" Toma seemed interested.
"Yes." Magus really wasn't in the mood to chat. Toma got the hint and went to go put his backpack down. There was final check and the ship left the port. As it began to pickup speed, Magus felt the cold ocean breeze whip across his face. Suddenly there was lightning, then sheets of rain began to pour again.
Toma looked back at Magus and yelled, "Cyrus! It's pouring out there! Get in here!" Magus just stood there. Toma shrugged and headed for the bottom level of the ship where the food and beds were.  The rain was cold and merciless. But Magus kept standing there despite this. He reached out his arm toward the sea and uttered a magical phrase. Suddenly, the clouds parted and the storm stopped. He smiled,
I knew I still had it. Toma came running up from the bottom level. "Cyrus! The storm stopped and the captain…" Toma stopped and looked around. Where did he go? Toma walked around on the top level until he saw him. Toma was about to run up to him when he saw him take off his shawl… Magus! He ducked behind a box so he wouldn't be seen. Magus pulled out a little book that looked like a journal to Toma. Then, with the utmost perfection, Magus chanted some words and a rumbling started. Toma looked in awe as the sea behind the boat parted, then closed again. He could see that Magus was smiling. What can I do?

Chapter V

"I really can't believe that my Carla is moving into the castle!" Kathleen was lying on the bed watching Carla pack up. Kathleen was Carla's best friend, the one that found her in the forest. Ever since then, she had moved in with her and they had become like sisters.
"I couldn't believe it either!" It was Sunday night and Carla couldn't wait till morning. When she had told her boss, he seemed a bit depressed by the news, possibly because he was losing his best seamstress. Everyone seemed happy for her, if not jealous. Carla grabbed assorted things off her dresser and hastily shoved them in a box.
"So this is it I guess?" Kathleen scratched her head as she said so. Carla looked back almost crying.
"Well no, I'll come visit soon," She tried not to start bawling.
"Well first it's soon, then it's sometime, then it's next year…" Kathleen trailed off as Carla broke into a sob.
"No I promise! I'll come back!" Carla choked out the words through sobs as she fell onto the bed. Kathleen patted Carla on the head.
"It's ok… you'll have a better life in the castle anyway. Bigger room, better pay, better food." Kathleen laughed at the last remark. She got up and tied her long brown hair into a ponytail. "Besides, I'll be fine here. I mean everyone likes cakes, and I like to make them. I know business will be booming soon." The fact was, the bakery was not doing too well after one of the customers got sick while eating a cake. During the past two months, they had been relying on Carla's paycheck. This just made Carla cry harder. "Tell ya what. I'll go bring a cake to celebrate your new life!" Kathleen stood up and pulled on some shoes, struggling with the laces. Carla sat up and wiped away the tears that had streamed down her face.
"That would be nice" she replied which as much enthusiasm as she could, despite her lousy mood. She watched as Kathleen stepped out the door letting in a gust of unfriendly cold air. Carla pulled a blanket over her and sat in silence. She closed her eyes and thought about her new life,
my dream come true. She tried to stay awake but sleep crept onto her as she lay her head down on the pillow.
"50 GP!"
"40!" Toma seemed like he would argue forever. But the captain wouldn't give up as easily. The captain wanted 50 GP for taking them here, despite the lousy accommodations. Magus paced back and forth hesitantly while numbers were being shouted in the background. Finally Magus stepped into the argument and said,
"40 GP or I'll kill you!" The captain looked at Magus with a slight hesitation.
"Fine then, 40 GP it is. But don't expect me to give you a ride home." Toma threw the money at the captain of the ship and started walking.
"So uh… where do we go?" Magus thought Toma sounded a bit suspicious. Magus peered up into the mountains and pointed.
"There," He stated blankly. The sun started to shrink behind the horizon as Magus and Toma strolled into Medina village. They saw goblin stare and them, and then run inside a house. Magus looked around.
My once faithful town.
"Tomorrow we lead the attack on Zenan Bridge!"
"Yes your all powerfulness"
"And we will not lose…"
Toma had already spotted the inn and started waltzing toward it. Magus shook his head and started after Toma. The door to the inn creaked open and there was a dim light inside. They could see some kind of Mystic lying on a bed snoring. Toma turned to Magus and said, "Must we sleep with such filth?"
"Ok fine. I'll sleep in here and you sleep outside. How about that?" Magus had had enough of Toma's mindless jabbering. Toma looked around, and then stepped up to the counter.
"May I help you?" A stout goblin popped out from behind the counter. He looked like a rolled up piece of clay to Toma.
"We'd like a room please." Toma threw on the table 10 GP. The goblin stared at the money, and then handed Toma a rusted key.
"First door on your right. Have a nice night." Toma ignored the last sentence and started walking toward the room. As Magus passed the goblin, the it said, "You're different. I sense a kind of power from you." Magus pulled the shawl over his head a little more.
"I don't know what you mean." He looked around nervously, and then quickly caught up to Toma. A single candle lighted the hallway, so it was quite dim. Toma slipped the rusted key into the lock and turned. There was a creaking noise and the door slowly slid open. Toma peered inside hesitantly, then stepped inside.
"Why do these inns always reflect their surroundings?" Toma threw the bags on his shoulder onto the bed and sighed.
"They are what they are. If you don't like it leave. I've had enough of your crap." Magus was clearly agitated. Toma quieted down instantly. Perhaps it was because of Cyrus's real identity, or he was just tired. Either way, Toma opened up his bag and pulled out a map. He pointed to a red mark on the page.
"That's where we are headed tomorrow." Toma glanced up at Magus, noticing that he wasn't paying attention. Toma cleared his throat and Magus turned around.
"You're right it is getting late. You better get some rest." Although that wasn't the response Toma was hoping for, he accepted it. Magus turned to walk out the door.
"Hey Ma…I mean Cyrus. Where are you going?" Toma started sweating, hoping Magus didn't notice. Magus shot a dirty look at him.
"I have things to do." Magus slammed the door and his footsteps could be heard echoing down the hall. Toma breathed a sigh of relief. Although no one was in the room, Toma glanced around, and then pulled a short silver object out of his backpack. He drew the knife out as it gleamed in the light.
Magus won't live past tomorrow.

"Over there?" Even after asking about seven guards, Carla was still lost. It had been two hours and she still had not found her room. This place is so big it should have its own road map. She struggled with her duffle bag and continued walking without a clue of where she was going. The stonewalls made the place look more like a dungeon than a castle. Then she saw someone running through the hall at a tremendous speed.
"Excuse me do you know where room 234 in the East Wing is?" The girl stopped and turned around. She had purple looking hair and goofy glasses.
"I um… well… it's over there." She pointed randomly in the direction Carla was walking before. "I really have to get going" Rearranging some papers in her arms, she dashed off again before Carla could ask another question.
Lucca stepped out into the throne room. Rich tapestries hang from every wall and there was a lush red carpet beneath her feet. "Marle, you won't believe what I found…" Marle sat at the throne her head on her arm. She sighed,
another crazy invention. She shifted her head to her other arm.
"I have discovered that, with certain calculations of course, we could reduce the amount of power used in…." Marle listened half-heartedly. She sometimes wondered why she had appointed Lucca the castle scientist. She had never really like her; it's just that Crono had begged her. There was nothing she wouldn't do for Crono. He had gone for a tuxedo fitting this afternoon so Marle had to sit and listen to Lucca. Usually Crono actually discusses things with Lucca while Marle never paid attention. A smile spread across her lips. "So I think that we should use this new source of energy for the kingdom. What do you think?" Marle snapped out of her daydream.
"It sounds wonderful. Begin with this plan of yours right away."
That should shut her up for at least a week. Lucca beamed with delight and started walking towards door. Suddenly it swung open and a short figure limped in.
"Glenn!!! Lucca rushed over and helped him up. His clothes were torn and burnt and he had couple of broken bones.
"Tis Ma…Magus. Took thy Masa…" Glenn hit the floor with a thud. Marle shouted to the guard.
"Hurry! Get the castle doctor in here!" Marle and Lucca picked Glenn up and rested him on a table.
"How could he have gotten through to this time?! I thought the gates were sealed!" Lucca questioned everything.
"Does it matter now? Lets make sure he is all right." Marle rushed to the door to make sure the doctors were coming. Lucca nodded her head and put her head to his chest.
"He's still alive. His pulse is very faint though. The doctors better get here soon or…"
Carla noticed a group of people running towards the throne room.
Wonder what's happening in there. She looked at the numbers on the wall. 230…231…232…233…234! She dropped her bags and fitted the key that they gave her into the hole. The door creaked open and Carla stepped inside. The room looked very similar to her old room, except a lot bigger. In the corner was a queen-sized bed and next to that was a mini refrigerator. In the far corner of the room stood a dresser and mirror, which was next to a window that looked over the kingdom of Gaurdia. This isn't that bad. She dropped onto the bed and laid back. All the walking had made her unbelievably tired so she shut her eyes, and within minutes she was fast asleep.
The wind was whipping at Magus's cape as he stepped up to Melchior's house. Dark clouds covered the sky as it began to rain. Lightning cracked and lit up the entire sky. There was a single light on in Melchior's house. Magus stepped up to the door and banged on it. There were a few footsteps, then the door creaked open.
"Who is there?" Melchior's voice came from behind the door.
"I have a favor to request of you. I heard you are a master swordsmen. I have a broken sword that I would like you to fix." There were several turns of a lock, then the door swung open.
"Please come in before you get soaked." Melchior ushered Magus in. "Ah… now what can I do for you?" Magus unsheathed the Masamune. "Lets see now…" Melchior examined the sword. "Well nothing seems wrong with the sword, besides the fact that it is black."
"Maybe you should look closer" Magus held the sword up. Melchior stepped up closer to it and surveyed it.
"As I said before I think… R-O-I-H-C-L-E-M. Oh my… this is th…the Mas…Masamune!" Melchior fell back into a chair and rubbed his head. "Who are you sir and what right have you earned to wield the Masamune?"
"Who I am is no matter. I have come to ask you to rejuvenate the Masamune. There is a simple technique using Dreamstone that does this. I know you still have some." Magus looked around trying the spot any weapons that Melchior might use against him.
Only fourteen or so swords. Melchior got up and took the Masamune from Magus.
"I shall be right back." He took the Masamune downstairs and turned on a light. Magus stood in Melchior's living room.
What a cozy place. He walked over to the bookshelf and looked at a couple of books. The books contained page after page of diagrams of swords. How boring Magus thought. Then he spotted a little red book on Melchior's table. He opened it and saw a picture of a glove and a few notes beneath it. The book seemed quite important because it was written in special colored ink. Although the book was in Latin, Magus made a rough translation of the caption. Glove of Life and Death. The glove itself looked more like a gauntlet made of steel. I'll have to look into this later. Seemed like a worthy adventure. Just then Melchior came up the stairs holding the new, rejuvenated Masamune.
"Ah… it seems that it worked. Thank you very much Melchior"
"Well… you know you must be real…" Out of nowhere, Melchior swung the sword at Magus's head. He easily dodged it.
"What the hell?! What are you doing you old man!?" Magus fell back against a bookcase as Melchior took another swing at him.
"I know you are Magus! Death will come easy if you let it." He took another swing, grazing Magus's leg. Magus winced in pain and dived behind a chair before another stroke came flying down.
"You don't know what your doing. I'm not here to kill you!" Magus tried to act calm, but he was actually petrified.
"I'm sure that's what you said to Glenn before you killed him and took the Masamune!" Another swing came almost destroying the chair. Magus stood up and started chanting a dark ritual. A gray smog filled the room, but only went knee high.
What the? Why is the spell not working? Melchior laughed.
"Looks like you need a little practice in magic." Melchior raised his arms, and a lightning bolt busted through his roof and hit Magus. It barely fazed him, so Magus retaliated with a lightning bolt of his own. As it struck, the Masamune glowed, and absorbed the bolt.
"No use in trying to cast a spell. The Masamune absorbs all elemental attacks." Another stroke came, almost taking Magus's head.
Melchior is a worthier opponent than I thought. Unarmed, Magus dived for a sword hanging on the wall. He knew it wouldn't last his very long against the Masamune. Another swing came toward him, but this time he blocked. The Masamune shined a bright white, almost blinding him. The blinding caught Melchior off guard as well. Grabbing this opportunity, Magus launched a massive retaliation of swings at Melchior. Almost getting sliced in half by Magus, Melchior held up the Masamune, and the lightning bolt Magus had summoned hit him back! Magus fell back, almost dropping his sword. He was badly burned and cut, so he gulped down the Tonic he had stole from Glenn. He got back on his feet and saw that a fire had broke out on the other side of the house.
"We have to get out of here or we'll both die!" Magus turned to leave, but saw Melchior blocking the exit.
"Either I leave, or you leave. Not both of us." He took a huge breath, and lunged at Magus, Masamune first. Magus side-flipped out of the way. Then with a heavy sigh, threw the sword right through Melchior's heart. Melchior's blood spurted out of his chest and flew onto Magus. Then with a final breath, he said, "You won't win…ne…ver" He toppled onto a table, breaking it in half.
Good job. You know you loved it.
I had to do what I had to do.
You can believe what you want, but I know you loved it.

Magus bent down and picked up the Masamune. Just as he dashed out the door, the support beams collapsed, and the house crumbled in. Magus sighed as the rain washed the blood off him.

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To be continued…

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