Here are some of our links and stuff...ones that wouldn't be appropriate for children will be marked...that won't be many. ::cough::
The of risky, I guess, but these quizzes make me laugh out loud. Try Ask Jesus as well! (Do it on heh!)
My Hero, Touji Suzuhara!-The only decent Touji site I can find. He's my favorite character from Neon Genesis Evangelion.
Aqua Version-Yes, yes, it's still funnier than ever. Love the original, people, love it! (It also helps that I'm in lust with the webmaster...CRAP! I SAID THAT OUT LOUD!) (Note from CrimsonKing: I did not write this, just so there's no confusion.)
Road Waffles- It's getting slightly less funnier, but it's still worth a mention. (WARNING: Not for the lil' kids.)
Real Life Comics- Love those geeks! Dave, marry me! After Eric! ::cough:: Ok,'s really good. *AND* little kids can read it!
Pentasmal-Newly discovered comic that I've fallen in love with. Hilarious! A bit violent, and some language problems that the RSACi wouldn't agree with, but nothing like Road Waffles.
Something Awful- the only link the King is likely to submit.  Simply put, this is the funniest site on the internet, anywhere.  Much explicit content.