June 2k1 News

Its acutally the twentyfourth, but im late. Bite me. Put up the new battle for this week (only one, sorry), put the quantam in its place (the link should be there shortly), and updated the regular battle archives with #3. o_o; life bites.

In an effort to move up the network ladder, I have decided to post the "Funny Battle of The Week" on the front page. ^_^ Enjoy.

Posted new quantum, Powerpuff on the front page and on the quantum current page. Enjoy!

Slight site overhaul. Put the battle I want JR to rate on the font page as the funny battle for this week. You like?

Celebrity Deathmatch evolved to Quantams!

Quantam Battle #1: Dragon Ball Z, has been posted in the current quantam section. WHEEE

06-15-2001 part B
Battle #3: Eh! has been added to current battles! Battle #2 has been archived! I'm using too many !'s! Drink oil of olay for breakfast!

06-15-2001 part A
We moved the site to reduce the appearance of banner ads! Just like oil of olay helps the appearnce of wrinkles!

Battle #2: FIRE!!! has been posted. Go lookit it in current battle section now or be dead. BTW, you can now see battle one in our EXPANSIVE archive section.

Battle #1: The Death of Choco has been posted! Enjoy its candyish goodness in the current battle section!

Welcome to the Cotton Candy Version. Not a whole lot right now, but much is soon to come. 1