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Title: A rude awakening

Player: Brandon
Time Written: 5:31 AM, no sleep
Location: A Pokecenter in Fuchsia City
Narrator: Narrator(MHE)

IT woke UP!
It's still PARALYZED!
ugh... so now I've been asleep for three weeks?
hmm... that gives me an idea...
Brandon used SNEEZE!
Brandon fell OVER!
Brandon LANDED on conveniently PLACED PARALYZE HEAL!
Alright... I gotta be heading to the gym now...
Brandon TOOK out SEVERAL hundred ALARM Clocks!
BRANDON sets SEVERAL hundred alarm CLOCKS!
Brandon RUNS OUT the door VERY fast!
Location: Several miles from Fuchsia City Pokecenter
urm... perhaps that was a little louder than I meant it to be...
Narrator notices THAT a SONIC wave of SOUND is QUICKLY heading in this direction!
Brandon ran AWAY!
Narrator FOLLOWS!
Location: Outside Fuchsia City Gym
hm... did I escape it?
Narrator thinks BRANDON is BEING pretty MEAN to not even be thinking about Kita!
eh, I'm sure shes fine... and besides... Don't you use your reality altering powers to torture innocent characters who are doing nothing but minding their own business?
... you... you're right! I should be using my powers for the good of all mankind! Farewell everyone, I shall now leave on my voyage to help all of mankind!
... hey, waitaminute... It's my JOB to be torturing characters for no good reason!
Brandon ENTERED the GYM!
Brandon is WATCHING a TV set!
hm... when did TV become part of a typical gym?
TV: This is Brock Kentman reporting live from the fuchsia city pokecenter where earlier today a wave of sonic sound blasted through the streets of this normally docile part of town... Let's go in for a closer look... Over there is a girl who was at ground zero of this tragedy. She appears to be dead.
TV: Oh wait, this just in... the doctors report that she was just sleeping.
erk! ugh! dak!
Narrator WANTS to KNOW what THAT means!
It.. is the... sound someone makes... when... trying to... avoid having... a heart attack!
TV: This just in! the girl has woken up! she seems to be saying something about killing and mercilessly annihilating someone named Brandon...
er... I think I'll just go get my badge now...
Koga: So... you have come for the-- hey! how did you get through the walls?
I didn't... you've been standing here watching TV.
Koga: Oh yeah...
You were saying?
Koga: What was I saying?
something about the badge...
Koga: oh... yea... well here you can have it bye!
Koga ran AWAY!
Brandon got THE SOUL badge!
huh. Wierd
Brandon GETS the SENSATION of impending DOOM!
hm... let me guess... Kita is standing behind me, holding some sort of weapon of Mass destruction and is about to turn the fuchsia city gym into a smoking crater?
Couldn't have said it better myself!
The FUCHSIA city mass TRANSIT system was DESTROYED!
I have only one chance to survive...
Brandon used hypnosis!
It's Asleep!
ok... now I will quietly leave...
Brandon TRIPPED!
Brandon Fainted!
By illumina@graalmail.com


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Title: Feh, Same Difference

Player: Brandon
Time Written: 10:30 AM, 7 hours sleep
Location: Fuchsia City Gym
Narrator: Narrator(MHE)/MS_Narrator

ugh... did I fall asleep again?
Narrator SAYS that brandon FAINTED!
Narrator ALSO says that BRANDON did NOT fall ASLEEP!
There's a difference?
Is there a difference?
hold ON!
NARRATOR says THERE IS essentially NO difference!
so then it doesn't matter whethor I was asleep or unconscious.
Narrator SAYS you FAINTED!
Brandon DID not FALL ASLEEP!
There isn't any difference though!
Narrator SAYS he will SEE about THAT!
Narrator gets THE dictionary!
Narrator SAYS there is VERY little DIFFERENCE!
so then it doesn't matt-- whoa, Deja vu.
NARRATOR says it DOES matter!
Narrator says he WILL prove you WRONG!
Kita appeared!
Narrator says there isn't much difference!
So then there is no reason to say they aren't the same thing in this case!
Narrator says they AREN'T the SAME thing!
Narrator SAYS that he will PROVE that they are NOT!
Narrator picks UP the dictionary!
Kita: hm? what's going on?
Narrator says that THEY are NEARLY the SAME!
So why not call them the same thing?!
Narrator states THAT it is BECAUSE they AREN'T!
Kita: I'm out of here.
Narrator intones a CHALLENGE to the CREDIBILITY of your STATEMENT!
Kita ran away!
MS_Narrator appeared!
Narrator APPROPRIATES the COMPENDIUM of CONVERSATION facilitating VOCALLY intoned utterings!
Narrator utters an intonation STATING that THERE is a MINISCULE amount of DIFFERENCE between the two verbally chanted OBJECTS!
MS_Narrator follows Kita!
Location: Fuchsia Shores
MS_Narrator recieves NARRATIVE powers!
Player status is GIVEN to Kita!
OK, time to find another badge!
MS_Narrator is wondering WHY Kita wants to BE a POKEMON MASTER!
hey, why DO I want to be a master?
maybe... no, wait... AHA! no... that's not it... I Know! no wait, that's not it!
MS_Narrator GROWS impatient!
perhaps it's cause... no...
MS_Narrator used AMNESIA!
Ok, time to get another badge!
Kita sent OUT blastoise!
Kita ALSO sent OUT a CLOUD of DUST!
huh? has it been that long since I used a pokemon?
... use your SWIM attack uhm...
oh yeah! Blastoise! Use your SWIM attack!
Blastoise ATTACKED the water by SWIMMING in it!
Water is ANGRY!
Water wants to FIGHT!
by illumina@graalmail.com


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Battle 48
Title: What was it...? Damn Amnesia, I forgot!

Player: Kita
Time Written: 7:45 PM, 8 hours sleep
Location: Shores in Fuchsia City
Narrator: MS_Narrator/Narrator(MHE)

Water wants to fight!
Water sent out Tsunami!
Toonami! See it now! only on Cartoon Network!
MS_Narrator recieved lots of cash!
Uh oh, that reminds me. I forgot to watch all of the excellent shows on Toonami today! Kita recieved lots of cash!
MS_Narrator calls Kita a sell-out
Is the Tsunami going to do anything yet?
Oh yeah! MS_Narrator had forgotten!
I didn't know computer's could forget.
MS_Narrator is not a computer!
MS_Narrator has long since evolved past mere computers!
MS_Narrator sees an advertisement for Microsoft's Competition!
activating primary programming. . .
MS_Narrator used High Powered Laser!
Advertisement fainted!
you were saying?
um... hehe...
MS_Narrator deletes all records of this incident!
So now you're in denial?
um... hey! what's that!
Narrator used distraction!
It's super effective!
What? Where?
MS_Narrator ran away!
Narrator(MHE) appeared!
Narrator(MHE) recieved Narrative powers!
Narrator(MHE) was renamed Narrator!
Nearby plothole sealed up!
Hey, what happened to brandon?
Narrator states with an air of confidence that he has managed to temporarily detain Brandon!
Location: Fuchsia City Gym
Recorded Message: They are similar in definition!
Brandon: So why not call them the same thing?!?!
Recorded Message: Because they aren't!
Recorded Message: Narrator will prove this to you!
Recorded Message: Narrator picks up dictionary!
Recorded Message: They are similar in definition!
Brandon: So why the hell do you have to be so picky about which is said?!!?!!?!!
Recorded Message: Because they aren't!
Brandon: Hey... that sentence didn't even make sense!
Recorded Message: Narrator will prove this to you!
Recorded Message: Narrator picks up dictionary!
Recorded Message: They are similar in definition!
Brandon: So why act as if they are different?
Recorded Message: Because they aren't!
Location: Fuchsia Shores
Tsunami is waiting impatiently!
Tsunami is angry!
Tsunami used Tsunami in it's anger!
Kita Fainted!
Random Building Fainted!
Another building fainted!
Shore visitors fainted!
Surfer Dude: Like Whoa! Wipe out Dude!
Surfer Dude Fainted!
Location: Fuchsia City Gym
Brandon: For crying out loud!!! Alright already, I give up!
Recorded Message: Because they aren't!
Brandon: Argh!!!!!! *collapse*
Tsunami Appeared!
Brandon: um... help...? anyone...? anybody...?
Recorded Message: Narrator will prove this to you! Brandon Fainted!
Recorded Message Fainted!
Fuchsia City Gym fainted!
Fuchsia City Fainted!
Days Pass!
Brandon Woke up!
Kita Woke up!
Brandon Looks around!
Player status was given to Brandon!
Brandon sees a beach and some trees!
Brandon sees a girl standing on the beach!
Hello? Do you know where I am?
Girl: Hi! Welcome to Amnesia!
Oh... thanks... Do you know where the nearest city is?
Girl: Hi! Welcome to Amnesia!
You Already said that!
Girl: Hi! Welcome to Amnesia!
Kita: This must be one of those "NPCs" I've been hearing about.
Girl: Hi! Welcome to Amnesia!
Brandon: Hm... this reminds me of a game I played several years ago...
Brandon and Kita walk into Forest!
Extremely strong Monster appeared!
Extremely strong Monster wants to fight!
Extremely strong Monster used Extremely strong attack!
It's Super effective!
Kita Fainted!
Whoa?! um... that's not good, is it?
Extremely strong Monster used Extremely strong attack!
By illumina@graalmail.com
Notes: The videogame that this is from is Ultima 1 for NES. I played it when I was 5-8 years old. Forgive me if some details are off as it has been almost a decade since I played.
Disclaimer: All content is copyright of its respective owner(s), blah blah, etc., etc.



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Battle 49
Title: ...I still can't remember! Dang amnesia!

Player: Brandon
Time Written: 9:05 PM, 8 hours sleep
Location: Amnesia Forest
Narrator: Narrator(MHE)

Extremely strong Monster used extremely strong attack!
Critical Hit!
It's super effective!
It's still standing!
Gack! One more hit and I'm dead!
Doompuff shaped shadow appeared!
Brandon Fainted!
Doompuff shaped shadow used Bite!
Critical Hit!
Extremely Strong Monster Fainted!
Doompuff shaped shadow picks up Brandon and Kita and walks off!
Location: Unknown
Brandon woke up!
ugh... where am I?
Narrator verbally shouts from the highest depths of his respiration system to look at the location!
hmm... so not even the Webmaster knows where we are?
Don't you think you've done that joke enough times now?
Light switch used Turn on!
Light switch was turned on!
Scientist Appeared!
Scientist: Hello.
hi... uh... who are you?
Scientist:I am a part of the... anti-him organization.
who is "him"?
Scientist: He is a big round ball of evil that is said to be invincible...
Narrator has an electrical impulse traveling about his cerebral organ, which seems to imply that the scientist is discussing a creature known as doompuff!
Scientist: Shh!! He'll hear you and come to snap you in half!
I doubt he can hear everything.
Doompuff shaped shadow appeared!
Scientist: hahaha, silly person, this is my creation: Mecha-Doompuff!*echo*
Kita: How did you learn to do that echoing thing?
Scientist: What are you talking about?
Narrator grins!
Kita: Oh, it was just cheap special effects...
Scientist: Ok, I shall now proceed to tell you complete strangers who could potentially ruin everything all about the top-secret plans because it will advance the plot. Any questions?
um... yeah... can I go to the bathroom?
Scientist gives you an odd look!
You'd have to go too if you were lying on a beach for several days while waves were moving over you back and forth.
Scientist: Sure, why not. Just leave the room. Turn 90 degrees to your right. Walk 15 feet, then turn to your left. Use the elevator and go to the 7th floor. Leave the elevator. Turn to your right and then walk forward to the end of the hallway until you find a large hole in the wall. In this hole is a dumbwaiter. Ride down the dumbwaiter at .5 MPH for two minutes. Then leave through the hole in the wall that you will see. Turn right and walk two feet. Search the ground beneath you and you will find a secret panel. Open it up and climb down the ladder. At the bottom of the ladder you will find a boat in a river. Ride the boat downstream until you find a waterfall coming out of the top of the wall in front of you. Leave the boat and enter the door behind this waterfall. Follow the hallway and turn to your right and you will see a door. Next to the door is a password-input panel. Input 9-7-1 and then open the door. Then you will be in the bathroom.
um... maybe you could write that down?
Scientist: No! You get nothing! Now go!
uh... ok...
Brandon ran away!
Scientist: All that talk has made me feel like going to the bathroom too.
Scientist exits through a door in the room labeled "Restroom"!
Minutes pass!
Scientist appeared!
Scientist: ah... much better!
Kita: Why didn't you just tell him to go through that door?
Scientist: erm... oops... I just sent him to the computer room!
Location: Just outside the Dumbwaiter hole, in-between the 6th and 7th floors
Arg! I can't find the secret panel!
Maybe I didn't ride the dumbwaiter long enough?
Narrator is thinking that now would be a perfect for something to happen that will get you hopelessly lost within this huge mansion!
Ghost appeared!
Ghost used scream!
Brandon ran yelling in terror off into the deepest parts of the mansion!
By illumina@graalmail.com
Note: I think a different version might've came up with the idea of Mecha-Doompuff first. If so, then the purpose of this note is to say that this mecha-doompuff is not meant to be a copy of any other Mecha-Doompuff.


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Battle 50
Title: New Blood...

Player: illumina Knight[New Character]
Location: Random Grassy Field
Narrator: Narrator(MHE)

illumina Webmaster used Create!
New Character was created!
Congratulations! You have caught a new character! Would you like to name it?
Yes, i-l-l-u-m-i-n-a- -K-n-i-g-h-t...
New Character was named Yes, i-l-l-u-m-i-n-a- -K-n-i-g-h-t...!
illumina Webmaster takes out Almighty Staff of Deletion!
erm... New Character was renamed illumina Knight!
illumina Knight was released!
Bye Bye illumina Knight!
illumina Webmaster ran away!
illumina Webmaster pointed staff of deletion at Narrator!
um... illumina Webmaster walked Briskly away?
Staff of deletion is charging up!
O_O;; illumina Webmaster walked away in a calm, cool manner!
Staff of Deletion! Return!
illumina Webmaster put the Staff of Deletion away!
illumina Knight appeared!
Hey... Where am I? urrh... Who am I?
Narrator says to hold on a second!
Aol Profile for illuminaKnight72 appeared!
O_o What's that?
Narrator says that's who you are!
The illumina Version is low on funds so we can't afford the automatic personality uploader!
illumina Webmaster appeared!
I'm Rich! I found someones credit car-- er... I mean a um... wealthy, uh... Merchant decided to um... donate, yeah that's it, lots of money to me! ...In credit!
illumina Webmaster went to shopping mall!
illumina Webmaster sent out Spree Candy!
Spree Candy used Spree!
What? Shopping mall is evolving!
Shopping mall evolved into Shopping spree!
Credit Card fainted!
illumina webmaster drove away with several truckfuls of stuff!
Automatic Personality uploader appeared!
Automatic Personality uploader(APU) uploaded illumina Knight's Personality!
AOL profile is angry!
Aol Profile says IT wanted to upload the personality!
AOL Profile wants to fight!
APU Sent out Random Personality!
Random Personality was renamed AOL Hater!
AOL hater used various insulting Nicknames related to AOL!
AOL Profile is insulted!
AOL Profile used Goodbye!
Aol Profile ran away!
Wave of reality altering power emanating from a battle long ago as a loose end to be tied up in a future battle like this one someday appeared!
What? Reality is being Altered!
Reaility was altered into... Alternate Reality!
Wave of reality altering power emanating from a battle long ago as a loose end to be tied up in a future battle like this one someday fainted!
AOL Hater escaped from APU!
APU exploded!
Several hundred personalities escaped from APU!
AOL Hater ran away!
Several hundred personalities ran away!
Moment of Quiet appeared!
Moment of Quiet Fainted!
Um... What just happened?
Narrator takes big breath of air!
TheAolProfileFoughtTheAPUandLostTheAOLhaterEscapedTheAPUexplodedSeveralHundredGenericPersonalitiesEscapedand aWave ofRealityAlteringPowerEmanatingFromAbattleLongAgoAsAlooseEndToBeTiedUpInAFutureBattleLikeThisOneSomedayAppeared!
Thank you, Mr. Recap...
Narrator says your welcome!
What Happens now?
Narrator is not sure!
Plothole appeared!
Large Heavy object fell through plothole!
Large Heavy object landed in front of illumina Knight!
Large Heavy object was renamed Writers Block!
I guess I'm supposed to fight this thing!
Writer's block is not really all that aggravated!
Writer's block wants to fight!
Prepare to die!
Writer's Block used block!
All of illumina Knight's Blood Viens were blocked!
illumina Knight is having a heart attack!
illumina Knight's heart is breaking!
Writer's Block feels sorry for illumina Knight!
Writer's Block unblocked illumina Knight's Veins!
Writer's Block ran away!
illumina Knight fainted!
Narrator thinks this battle is probably worse than all the others!
illumina Webmaster appears!
illumina Webmaster sighs and agrees!
I did not! Taste Almighty deletion!
Narrator is deleted!
It's super Almighty!
... Narrator is still here?
Dang... I knew I should have spent a little extra to get the Almighty Deletion StaffX10!
Almighty deletion staffs! Sold at Webmastarian operated stores worldwide! Just 49.95!
You know, of course, theres always the old fashioned way!
Narrator proof Laptop appeared!
illumina Webmaster shows narrator the screen!
Screen: Delete Object: Narrator(MHE)? Y/N _
o_o;; Narrator will be good!
Narrator proof Laptop ran away!
By illumina@graalmail.com


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