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Battle06:The battle for the badges

Player: Brandon

Now that I am a super being that is part pokťmon I suppose I
should set off on my trainer journey.
Brandon is wondering if his wings will stand out among the
You have a good point there weird voice. I know! This trenchcoat
will hide my wings.
Brockís gym should be right down the street from my house.
Brandon is at Brockís Gym
Wow! How did I warp right over to brockís gym?
Oh well, Uh oh thereís a door. Iíve heard about those new Gym
doors before, they always try to pick a fight and fall on you. Well,
Iíll make sure that doesnít happen today.
Brandon used Battering Ram!
Door fainted!
Brock appeared!
Brock is angry!
Ooh! I know! Next is ďBrock wants to fightĒ Am I right? Ha! Iím a
poet, and I donít know it.
Brock is seething in anger!
A vein on Brockís forehead is bulging!
Brock has gritted his teeth so much that they are gone!
Brockís eyes are wide open in anger!
Oh no! If he actually opens his eyes itís very bad!
The vein on Brockís forehead has exploded!
Oh. Nevermind.
Brock is defeated!
What? I didnít even know we were battling.
Brock: Congratulations, Here is the boulder badge.
Uhm donít you think you should get some medical attention for
your forehead?
Brock: Donít Worry Iím fine. My forehead exploding is no reason
to go to the hospital.
Ooooook, Well, Iíll be on my way to cerulean city to get my
second badge.
On the way to cerulean city Brandon meets Ash.
I do? Oh I see him. Hey Ash how ya doing?
Ash: Iím just fine, My girlfriends not though. She says some freak
killed her missingno.
Oh? Um errr.. Do tell, Well I must be on my way now, goodbye.
Ash: Goodbye.
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Battle07:The sensational but hysterical "runt" of Cerulean City

Player: Brandon

Brandon is at the cerulean gym.
Wow that warping from place to place thing sure is cool!
A lamp crashes through the glass door!
Door fainted!
Whatís going on?
Daisy: like, chill out misty, stop being so like destructive.
Other 2 sisters: Like yeah.
Brandon walks inside the gym!
Misty is angry!
Very Angry!
Misty wants to-
No *Ahem* Misty Wants to Kill!!!!
Misty: GET OUT!!! I just found out that missingno is the most
powerful pokemon ever to exist! And you killed him!!!
Misty used Cascade badge!
Cascade Badge was thrown at Brandon!
Itís Super effective!
Brandon got cascade badge!
Brandon is near death!
Thatís funny, I donít feel near death.
Misty sent out Huge 10 Ft. Tall Impenetrable Mace of Torturous Death!
Um, I think Iíll be going now.
Huge 10 Ft. Tall Impenetrable Mace of Torturous Death used Death swing!
Huge 10 Ft. Tall Impenetrable Mace of Torturous Death missed!
Iím outta here!
Brandon ran away!
Team rocket appeared!
Who of team rocket?
Every single enemy/rival that you have ever had, even in your
dreams appeared!
UFO appeared!
Borg cube appeared
I am in big trouble.
Garyís Charizard used fire spin
Borg Cube used overconfidence
Rival1ís Blastoise used hydro pump
Rival2ís Venusaur used Vine Whip
Rival3ís Charizard used Fire spin
Enemy1ís Jolteon used thunder
Enemy2ís Vaporeon used hydro pump
Enemy3ís Flareon used fire spin
Giovanniís Mewtwo used
Butchís Raticate used Hyper fang!
Cassidy used spiky hair
Jessieís lickitung used tongue wrap
James Weezing used smokescreen
Meowth used fury swipes
50 Extras from team rocket used gunshot
ahhhhh!!! Looks like Iím Blasting off for the very first time! Oh look
thereís the vermilion gym. Iím gonna get me a thunder badge.
Brandon goes Kaboom!
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Battle08:New Narrator

Player: Brandon

Misty appeared!
Nah, I doubt it.
I said Misty appeared, and you better believe it!!!! Or else!!!
*gulp* or else what?
or else, I make it only possible to call out prakigam.
Oh, that's not so bad
plus you will incontrollably belch and fart at the most inappropriate, and inconvenient times, and you will randomly turn into a magikarp when you are on land, but when you are in the ocean you will randomly turn into a charmander. and-
Enough! enough already!
Misty: I've come to take my revenge on everyone who has crossed me in the last 10 minutes!
*Psycho Music!!!*
But I crossed you about two days ago.
*Psycho Music!!!*
Misty: oh, then I'm here to take revenge on you!!!
*Psycho Music!!!*
Would you stop it with the Psycho Music!!!
Remember what I said....
*gulp* sorry.
go! Whatever she just said!
I think we need a new narrator.
What's that?!
um, nothing.
Misty, what do you mean by unidentifiable? It's clearly a pikachu.
Pikachu used thunderbolt!
On who?
That tree.
Uh oh.
Tree wants to fight!
Ha! you can't, Me and misty were already having a pokemon battle.
Narrator used Change the rules!
Rules have been changed!
3-way battles are now allowed!
Go Me!
Go magikarp!
Hey wait a minute! I said me!
Go MEowth!
Go Myownself!
Go! Go myownself!
not, go myownself. just myownself!
I know! Go brandon!
Brandon Went!
To a convenience store near you!
What'd I do that for?
Brandon needs food Badly!
When did this turn into a gauntlet game?
Brandon died!
Who starved?
What about me?
You starved!!!
of what?
Arrrgghhhh!!! Lack of food!
Narrator is mad!
You can say that again! This narrator is insane!
Narrator exploded!
Hey! since when has there been a second narrator?!
Since I got promoted.
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Battle09:Misty's Revenge

Player: Brandon/New Narrator

New Narrator used competitive Job rivalry!
It's super effective!
Old narrator fainted!
Charmander appeared!
Charmander used fire!
Old narrator was fired!
New narrator used Declare!
The battle was declared over!
Whoa, Wait a minute This battle's not over! Misty didn't get her revenge!
The battle has been restarted!
You really think you can beat a narrator!
Misty is unaffected!
Misty used Summon!
Hmmm... What should I make her summon? What will sound good? I know!
Misty summoned a boss!
Boss used fire!
New Narrator was fired!
What! I meant for that to backfire!
Boss used Hire!
Boss hired Old narrator!
Misty used Master Ball!
Yahh! I'm outta here!
Brandon ran!
Masterball followed!
Brandon ran further!
Masterball followed!
Brandon flew plane to china!
Masterball followed!
Brandon flew a rocket to the moon!
Masterball followed!
*pant* *pant* Fine, I give up!
Misty caught Brandon,
Misty: Mwahahahahaaa!
Misty used gameshark!
Brandon lost all gameshark benefits!
Misty set Brandon Free!
Bye Bye Brandon!
Misty, Youíre insane! Iím outta here!
Brandon ran away!
Misty: Ha! Without his Gameshark powers heís a very bad trainer! I heard his only pokťmon are pikachu and rattata!.
Misty: Hereís your money narrator. Thanks for setting him up.
3000• dissapeared from mistyís hand!

Battle10:The murdorous Pidgeot of tortorous Death!

Player: Brandon

Finally Iím at the vermilion Gym.
Brandon is back in viridian city!
What?! No!!
Pidgeot appeared!
Brandon used masterball!
Brandon caught pidgeot!
Brandon used HM02!
Pidgeot learned fly!
Ha! I outsmarted the narrator!
On the contrary I warped you to viridian city so that I could put in a few extra lines.
Iíll choose to ignore that remark.
Brandon flew to Vermilion city!
I should go catch a more powerful pokťmon to fight Lt. Surge.
Mewtwo appeared!
Alright! The narrator must be in a good mood!
Brandon used masterball!
Awww. Mewtwo only appeared to be caught!
Or setting me up for a put down. *Sigh* Go pidgeot.
Go pidgeot!
Donít want to make Mewtwo faint so Iíd better start with something light. Pidgeot! Lightly tap his head with your beak!
Itís super effective!
Mewtwo Died!
Itís a one hit K.O.! (Killed opponent)
Rats. I didnít want to kill him, and I thought K.O meant knock out!!
Pidgeot gained 300000 exp. Pts.
Brandon received Death Stone!
Death Stone??????
Look at your pokedex.
Pokedex: The Death Stone may be used to evolve pokťmon into different pokťmon based on their personalities once they have received 100000 exp. Pts.
Brandon used death stone!
Brandon Died!
That Brandon Died routine is getting pretty old, donít ya think?
Narrator used edit!
Narrator edited the battle!
Brandon used Death stone!
What! Pidgeot is evolving!
Pidgeot evolved into Murderous Pidgeot of Torturous Death!
What does that pokťmon do?
Pokedex: This ravenous pokťmon is known for murderously devouring their trainers when they are least expecting it. They also hate pokedexes and will utterly annihilate anyone who has a pokedex
Just my luck.
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