Da Lime Version
It was a long time ago, out of the corruption of MSN a new version was formed. Colorful horrible things were formed in those days, things no human should have seen.

But then, one day, it changed. Suddenly this... Lime Version become improved. Lime Version 2.0 was a great advancement over it's predecessor, and soon the the previous version fell into disrepair.

Version 2.0 flourished, it's battles were epic in detail, annoying in all else. However, things that should not be forgotten were...

Soon 404 errors appeared, Everything was swallowed up by The Nothing. But there was hope. Elsewhere in the pokebattles universe there were two lights in the nothing, fighting for their survival. The call these souls issued was heard by the Lime Version, and answered in kind.

Lime Version arose from nothing.
Never say never
Pokebattles... ASSEMBLE!
Red Version
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Name: Cory B