The most important part of this; the prize page. To claim prizes, goto #pokebattles in IRC and tell me what you want when I'm on.
Oh yeah, here's how the prize list is set up:
Points Needed to get it
Numbers in the ( and ) mean how many of those prizes are left
Lavender Version Prizes:
Ditdit Site of the Month: 100 (6)
Cameo in the next Fanfic: 200 (Unlimited)
Site on Sidebar of Ditdit Network (FOREVER): 100 (Unlimited)
Secret URL for Future Lavender Battles: 500 (3)

RPG Maker Prizes:
Red Version RPG World Map: 75 (Unlimited)
IRCRPG World Map: 50 (Unlimited)
IRCRPG Dungeon Maps: 100 (Unlimited)
IRCRPG Future Dungeon Maps: 200 (Unlimited)

Fan Battle Bundles:
1 Fan Battle from me: 120 (10)
10 Fan Battles from me: 750 (2)

IRC Prizes:
@ for a day (To everyone EXCEPT 75s..75s get forever): 750 (Unlimited (1 for75s))

Battle Silver on IRC: 75 (Unlimited)
Battle Ditto: 50 (Unlimited)

Ditdit Message Board Prizes:

Special Status: 250 (6)
Mod. Status: 300 (4)
Admin. Status: 1000 (1)
Forum for your Site: 400 (Unlimited)

IRCRPG Prizes:
Allowed to be in it: 500 (3)

Narration Prizes:
Narration by me for 1 Hour: 200 Points (5)

Anime Tape of your Choice: 3000 (1)

Pokemon TCG Card Prizes:
Arcanine PROMO: 1000 (1)
Cool Porygon PROMO HOLO: 2000 (1)
Psyduck PROMO: 750 (1)
Eevee Holo PROMO: 900 (1)