Recap: Squirtle400 got the Devil Stone from the tournament. He plans to give it to Lisa for her birthday.  
Battle #6
Lisa's Birthday Party

Setting: Lisa's House
Player: Kungdow [0-1-0]
Date: 18/3/01

Kungdow is walking to Lisa's House.
What do you think genius?
Squirtle400 appearers.
Hi Teacher.
Hi Edward. Going to Lisa's Party?
Squirtle400 and Kungdow arrives at Lisa's Party.
Everyone uses sing. Everyone sings Happy Birthday to Lisa.
Happy Birthday To You!
Happy Birthday To You!
Happy Birthday To Lisa!
Everyone: Happy Birthday To You!
Lisa: Thanks Everyone!
Here is a Devil Stone!
Here is a Portal Device!
Here are some Chocolates!
Jack, Hilda and Mike: Here is a Birthday Cake!
Here is a Master Ball!
Edward's Squirtle: Here is a Water Gun!
Black Prefect: Here is a Hyper Ball!
Lisa: Thanks Everyone!
Time went pass! Party used end!

Player: Lisa
Setting: Forest

What a lovely party!
A Wild Pikach appearers.
Go! Starmie. Water Gun.
Pikachu does Thuder Shock. It has no affected.
Pika Pika?
Wow a newcomer has it's own text colour!
Pika Pika!
It has no affect because you only Lv1
What about Starmie's Attack?
Pikachu fainted.
Go Pokeball!
Pikachu is captured!
Use Devil Stone On Pikachu!
What! Pikachu is Evolving! Pikachu evolved into the Rapid Pikachu Of Evil!
Don't you mean Rabid Pikachu Of Evil!
No I mean Rapid Pikachu Of Evil!
Evilchu looks at you!
Me Hungry!
This guy is like the Doompuff right?
He's mightier than Doompuff!
Lisa escaped!
Narrator escaped!




Recap: Evilchu meets up with Rick the Evil Scienctist.
Battle #7

Evilchu and Rick's Plan
Setting: Outside Rick's Lab
Player: Evilchu [1-1-0]
Date: 24/3/01

Food! Me Hungry!
Evilchu sees SOMETHING.
SOMETHING was renamed to RICK.
Rick: Yes, it is I, Rick, the Evil Scienctist! Ha ha ha ha!
What you want?
Rick: I have a plan to rule this version!
What this do with me?
Rick: I heard that Squirtle400 is goning away on vacation back to Earth.
I not care! I care for food!
Rick: After this battle Tournament #2 will begin. The prize is to be the Webmaster of Ocean Version for two battles while Squirtle400 is on vacation.
Go on!
Rick: You are the mightiest being in the version, so you can win the tournament easily. Then, we can get the Master Of Annoyance to open the portal for us to Yellow Version where we could get some Webmasters and Webmistresses' DNA to clone them and them we could use the clones to take over this version!
But there is Squirtle400 and Mewizard the both of them are good in fights!
Rick: Even if Squirtle400, Mewizard, Lisa, Mike, Jack, Hilda, Kungdow, Black Prefect, Master Of Annoyance, Edward's Squirtle, Starmie, Machamp, Hitmonlee and Blastoise all fights us there is no way they can win so much Webmasters and Webmistresses!
You is right!
Rick: So will you cooperate with me.
Narrator must warn Squirtle400
You wanna bet!
Go Evilchu!

Rick: Wait, I have a better idea!
Rick: I have captured this Narrator in Yellow Version. We can just exchange them. Go Narrator!
Narrator#2: Narrator turns into Bug!
Narrator#2: Ha ha ha ha!
No I as the former Narrator must warn Squirtle400
Rick: Death Laser!
Bug was eaten and fried!
Battle is scared! Battle flew away!