Battle #34
School is fun!

Player: Osiltal
Date: 25/11/01
Setting: In School

Osiltal and Thomas appeareres!
Hi Thomas!
Thomas says hi!
Teacher appearers!
Thomas and Osiltal used SIT!
Thomas SITs on his chair!
Osiltal SITs on the floor!
Okay fine!
Sit On Chair!
Osiltal uses SIT ON CHAIR!
Osiltal SITs ON a CHAIR!
So you know about coming over to my house on Tuesday, Thomas?
Thomas asks what about it!
Teacher comes by!
The pollen is extracted by bees, Thomas -
Teacher walks away!
- and what are you going to bring on Tuesday to my house.
Teacher comes back!
Hi Teacher!
Thomas says hi!
Teacher says that it is English class so why are you talking about pollen!
I meant to say that the E is extracted by the INGs when they get added into words that ends with E.
Teacher annouces that all students must get up to the front off the class to give a speech about sometime that annoys them in a protest speech!
Teacher picks on Thomas!
Good luck Thomas!

Player: Thomas

Something that annoys me is school!
Teacher thinks that this is interesting!
I mean why waste time going to school?
Everybody leans forward!
Especially when you can stay home and play Counter-Strike!
Osiltal laughs!
And be Counter Tourist!
Everybody laughs!
I meant Terrist!
Teacher sends you back to your seat!
Teacher picks Osiltal to go next!

Player: Osiltal

Something that annoys me is when a teacher picks on me to do a speech!
Teacher is angry!
Teacher wants to fight!
Ally Thomas wants to fight!
Osiltal wants to fight!
Go Osiltal!
Osiltal sends out Osiltal!
Thomas sends out Thomas!
Teacher sends out Teacher!
Teacher uses Detention!
Thomas counters with Excuse!
Thomas uses the EXCUSE that he has to go to the toilet to escape detention!
Thomas sucessfully excape!
Great, I'm by myself now.
Osiltal PUNCHes Teacher!
Teacher uses Dentention!
Umm, Oh fine! Accept!
Osiltal faints!
Recap: Exams are fun!
We all love Exams

Player: Osiltal
Date: 2/12/01
Setting: Inside Osiltal's room

Stupid homework!
Osilver appeared!
Hi dad!
Hi son! How is my little, lovly, handsom, smart, inteligent, amasing, fantastic, marvelous, funy, wity and bold son doing?
Mewizard appeared!
Why can't you just shut up? Do you know that every adjective that you just said have to be typed by me?
They aren't difficult to spell.
But they're long!
What's wrong with them being long?
Anyways, um.... ALRIGHT ALRIGHT look at my report card from my university!
Science A, Maths A, English F! What you got a F for English?!
Now you understand! Too late now, the adjectives you said are probably appearering in really bad spelling!
That's bad!
Oh well, byebye!
Mewizard disappearered!
How are you doing son?
Fine just fine!
Good, tell me about your History exam!
Well I couldn't remember all the names of famous people in the Pokebattles Universe so I made some up!
Osilver frowned!
Who was the founder of the Pokebattles Universe?
I wrote the Jacky Rose.
It's Jason Ross!
What about the founder of Ocean Version?
I wrote Blastoise1000.
It's Squirtle400!
What about the founder of Diamond Version, Liquid Version, and Blood Version?
Jin, Mr Kite and MetalMike.
I bet Mewizard taught you.
What about your English exam?
Well I remembered that the INGs extract the Es, the IESs extracts the Ys.
What about your science exam?
Well I didn't do it.
I was playing hookey.
Osilver wants to fight!
Go Totodile!
Go Osiltal!
Counter it with Bite!
Totodile BITEs Osiltal's PUNCH!
Innocent face!
Osiltal's FACE is INNOCENT!
Punch his Stomach!
Totodile PUNCHes Osiltal's guilty STOMACH!
Osiltal faints!
This is going to be one low BQ!
Recap: Well everyone is bored. So what happenes? Well you're going on a tour on some of the secrets in Ocean Version!

Player: (nobody)
Date: 9/12/01
Setting: Narrators' Cabin

Hello everybody!
We're here to tell you some secrets of -
You will be suprised at some of the secrets!
Number 1!
Mewizard appearers!
I forbid you four to say any secrets!
Why, do you have a secret that we don't know? If so tell us so that we could add it to the list!
Umm, of course I have no secret!
Mewizard looks suspicous!
Of course I don't! Well see ya!
Mewizard dissapearers!
Anyways, Number 1!
Did you know that there was a Sound Effects Narrator in Ocean Version?
Hi everyone! Sorry I'm late!
Oh there you are Fanfic Narrator! We're annoucing the 1st secret!
The Sound Effects Narrator suddenly appearers in a mist of smoke! He was carrying a drum, and some other funny things!
Hey wait a second I'm sure I know the names of this stuff!
I don't know how to spell them, okay?
Why not?
I got a F for English remember?
The webmaster, Mewizard nervously admitted that he got a F for English!
Oh well byebye!
Bash! Hello everybody! I'm the SOUND EFFECTS NARRATOR!
Mewizard dissappearers!
Buzz? Why not POOF?
Mistake, okay?
Not Number 2!
There will be a RPG GAME from OCEAN VERSION soon based on Osilver's journey.
The gyms, meaning.
Will you shut up!  I had to look up journey and people aren't suppose to know about it until Osilver finishes the Ocean Master League plus the Elite Trainer! Plus if you're not suppose to mention anything about the two new leagues!
You just did!
Mewizard slaps himself on the head!
Last one for this week!
Number 3!
The secret that Mewizard had that was mentioned earlier this battle is that-
No, please have mercy!
Mewizard drops on his knees!
He loves Oyellow!
Oyellow appeareres!

Player: Oyellow

I'll never like you!
Because you got an F in English!
Mewizard begins to cry!
WHAT IS WRONG WITH ME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
This is going to bring our BQ down badly.
Hopefully Kite fixed the US of Ocean Version this time!
Let's hope Kite and the person ranking this site heard that!
Battle ended!
You mean filler!
Recap:Ladies and Gentlemen! The Machine Of your Dreams!
Battle #37
The Machine Of Your Dreams

Player: Master Of Annoyance
Date: 15/12/01
Setting Master Of Annoyance's Cabin

My machine is completed.
Narrator Of Truth is laughing!
Why are you laughing?
It looks like a garbage can!
Not for long!
Master Of Annoyance pressed the ON BUTTON!
It's a cute hamster!
It's the newest sound effects machine!
So the Narrator Of Truth's dream is to have a hamster and the Sound Effects Narrator's dream is to have the newest sound effects machine.
How did you know?
This machine is the Machine Of Your Dreams, it lets people see their hearts desire!
This should be fun!
Lisa appearered!
Hello, Lisa appearered!
Oh right, POOF!

Player: Lisa

Where am -------
What a huge orange!!!!!!
Lisa, is your greatest dream to own the biggest orange!
I have collect oranges for many years. I have many colour types.
What colours are there?
Pink, orange, green, yellow, gray, black, brown, rainbow, gold and of couse POLKA DOTS!
What's wrong?
Um nothing, Lisa dissapearers!

Player: (nobody)

Mewizard appearers!
What a beautiful Mew Plushie!
You collect Mew Plushies?
To be exect I collect Mew Marchandise!
What Mew Marchandise do you have?
I have a Mew rubber, Mew bed sheets, Mew lollipops, Mew notepads, Mew pencils, Mew pens, Mew pencilcase, and of course Mew underwear!
Mewizard dissappearers!
I guess this battle should end now.
It's a filler.
Yep. Filler over.
Recaap: Dreams
More Dreams

Player: Black Prefect
Setting: Master Of Annoyance's Cabin

Black Prefect appearers!
Why did you summon-----
What a cool pencil!
You collect pencils?
I have a banana one, a mew one, a strawberry one, a pokebattles one, and of course on with Haunter_uk on it!
You like him?
Yep I admire him!
Black Prefect disappearers!
Osilver appearers!

Player: (nobody)

What do you wa-----
What a big day without anyone getting annoyed by me!
How the heck do you see days?
Don't ask!
Osilver dissapearers
What do you see Master Of Annoyance?
I see a big chocolate!
You collect chocolate?
I have pencil one, a banana one, a pen one, a easer one, a TV one and of course an UNDERWEAR ONE!
Filler ended.
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