Recap: Here's the Christmas battle for this year
Christmas Special 3
Player: Roger
Date: 25/12/03
Setting: In a house
Special Text:

It's Christmas!
And so, without further to do, I'll present you this year's Christmas battle.
In a warm house in Ocean Version, there lived a boy named Roger.
I wonder what I'll get for Christmas this year!
Roger's True Love appears!
Roger's True Love: I forgot to give all this to you on separate days, so I'll give them all to you now.
On the twelfth day of Christmas my true love gave to me:
What's that red, horrible singing voice?
Note: If you don't want to read the Twelve days of Christmas song, skip the lines until you see my coloured text again.
True Love: Twelve drummers drumming!
Twelve drummers appeared!
True Love: Eleven pipers piping!
Eleven pipers appeared!
True Love: Ten lords a leaping!
Ten lords appeared!
True Love: Nine ladies dancing!
Nine ladies appeared!
True Love: Eight maids a milking!
Eight maids appeared!
True Love: Seven swans a swimming!
Seven swans appeared!
True Love: Six geese a laying!
Six geese appeared!
True Love: Five gold rings!
Five gold rings appeared!
True Love: Four calling birds!
Four calling birds appeared!
True Love: Three French hens!
Three French hens appeared!
True Love: Two turtle doves!
Two turtle doves appeared!
True Love: And a partridge in a pear tree!
A partridge in a pear tree appeared!
Note: Alright you can start reading now!
Umm, thank you, but WHAT AM I GOING TO DO WITH ALL THIS?!
True Love: I dunno.
True Love: Well I'm going now, byebye.
Aren't we spending Christmas together?
True Love: Not in this house full of crazy things doing crazy things.
True Love points to the gifts she gave you!
True Love disappears!
That was a nice way to make an excuse....
Alright you lot, get out of here!
The twelve gifts look at you!
Bad feeling.
The twelve gifts want to fight!
Oh great, fighting gifts, eh?
Do you think I'm stupid enough to fight against twelve opponents by myself?
Roger runs away, with the gifs running after him!
You don't play many Pokemon games do you?
No, why?
Well, Pokebattles is based on the Pokemon games, AND THE ENEMY DOESN'T RUN AFTER YOU WHEN YOU'VE ESCAPED!
Ummm, sorry.

Setting: In the snowfield

Damn narrator, wonder which academy he graduated from.
From the Best Narratorial Academy with honours.
No wonder, that school's for the worst of the worst.
The 'Best' in the name is for comforting the people that get into the school.
I think I'm going to calm down the narrator, meanwhile have a Merry Christmas.
You know this battle sucked right?
Shut up.