Ocean Fanfic#2 The End?
Featured Versions: Ocean Version, OceanSpace Version

Squirtle400 looked angrily at the clones, Evilchu and Rick, who has killed Narrator and countless more.
"These clones are no more use. I shall now drain their powers!" said Evilchu and with that the clones began to melt and dissolve into nothing.
"I will destroy your bodies so much that they cannot be formed at BlackOcean Version!" cried Squirtle400
"We shall see." said Rick.
That the war broke out.
Rick died as Squirtle400 punched right through his stomach while Mewizard used FireShock and Master Of Annoyance did Annoying Speech.
The trio were no match for Evilchu though.
Each did their best attacks (Ocean Powers, FireShock, Annoying Speech), but everytime Evilchu would just counter that with a Webmaster's or DactaMPR's attacks.
Then Evilchu did something that will change the way it was, the way everyone was, it evolved.
Evilchu evolved into Devilchu.
Every attack would have a Devil in front of it and would be black.
It seemed like Devilchu would win and the entire Network would be his.
"DevilNetwork Beam!" cried Evilchu.
It hitted Master Of Annoyance and he bleeded badly.
"AAAAAAHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!" cried Master Of Annoyance as his brain sended the pain through his body.
Then Squirtle400 make a descision.
"Take good care of everybody Mewizard" said Squirtle400.
Mewizard looked at Squirtle400, then he relized what Squirtle400 was going to do.
"No! Squirtle400. Your body will be ruined so badly that you will not live even in BlackOcean Version!" Mewizard cried.
"It's the only way!" said Squirtle400 "Ocean Powers Explosion!"
Then Squirtle400 began to glow and then he exploded harming everything around it.
"AAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" cried Evilchu as he died.
"Squirtle400!" cried Mewizard and Master Of Annoyance as they fell down towards what remained in Ocean Version.
They landed.
Mewizard looked up hoping to see Squirtle400 felling down, but there was nothing.
"Goodbye Squirtle400."
The End
Is this the end of Ocean Version?