Recap: Back to Osilver, Ocrystal and Osiltal, then we'll go on to find out about some fore-shadowing.
The End (Part 9)

Player: Osiltal
Date: 05/01/03
Setting: Osiltal's hiding place
Special Text:
Osilver, Ocrystal, Edward/Squirtle400. Mewizard

We have to go now, son.
But why? Stay here please!
We have a job to do, we're not going to abandon Edward and the others.
They let me go, please!
No, you're too young!
...I understand, goodbye.
Goodbye, Osiltal.
Goodbye, Osiltal.
Goodbye Mom, Dad.
Ocrystal and Osilver leaves.

Setting: Ocean HQ

Ok, now that everything is complete we can sit back and talk.
Well, I say it's been two years since we got here.
Me, you, Psytle and Kungdow, the orginal four people that came here.
Actually, I created Kungdow.
Then how could he have been your teacher and was the Mystery Spectator.
Actually, I arrived seconds before you did, so I was named the webmaster, I then created Kungdow as a backup in case I would lose to you.
Oh. I want to ask you, you granted the wish to Osiltal that he would survive what will happen. Then how come  Ocean Version is going to an end.
Yes, I did grant him that wish, and Ocean Version is going to an end. He should create a new version and replace this version. He is our only hope of keeping Pokebattles going. I am too tired.
I see. What is this new version called?
I don't know what Osiltal will call it, maybe it will even be called Ocean Version, but what I know is that Osiltal will be the new webmaster and that he will do a good job.
Oh, this is depressing.
Recap: It's battle#100!
The End (Part 10)

Player: Oyellow
Date: 12/01/03
Setting: Wedding hall
Special Text:
Squirtle400/Edward, Mewizard, Psytle, Bug, Osilver, Ocystal, Evilchu

Everyone settles down for....
Um, yeah, anyways, to the wedding!
The best man is Edward, while Ored is going to give Oyellow away!
And guess who is the priest type person!
Priest type person?
It's Psytle!
Fine, ignore that then!
Ahem, everyone settle down please.
Oblue runs in late!
Oblue quietly goes to his sit.
Ored is bringing out the bride!
Oh, she sure is beautiful!
Today is your lucky day, Mewizard.
I have dreamt of this day ever since I meant her.
Ored brings Oyellow to Mewizard and stands aside!
And now the wedding starts!
Wedding type music starts!
By being married, this means that you will have to together enderunce pain, diease, accidents and sea sickness.
That's why I never use the Ocean Version Book of Marriage.
Also you will have to love each other forever until death do you apart and then when the other goes to BlackOcean Version, you will have to love each other again forever, unless if someone down there gets hold of the Ocean Version Book of Divorce.
Ok... I don't think that's what the book says.
Niether do I.
Strange book.
I wonder how Osiltal is doing.
Do you, Mewizard, still wish to marry Oyellow?
*gulp* Yes.
Do you, Oyellow, still wish to marry Mewizard?
*gulp* Yes.
If anyone thinks that these two shouldn't marry, then speak now, or else shut up and wish them a happy marriage.
Silence echoes the hallway.
Then I will now name you two Husaband and Wife!
Oh, this is so touching!
You two may now exchange rings and kiss each other.
Mewizard and Oyellow kissed each other!
Good, now that you're finished we can finally fight!
Wait we're not finished yet, we still have to drink some wine, wait a few minutes ok?
....., you were supposed to be shocked.
Ogreen and Ogold brings out the wine!
Everyone drinks it!
Ready now?
Edward turns around
Let's fight!