The Official Storm Version Theme Song

To the tune of the ending theme of "Captain Planet"



SHEEP: "Cloud!"
DUO: "Crystal!"
KITE: "Liquid!"
ALL: "Gooooo Storm!"
STORM VERSION: "Your powers combined...I am Storm Version!"
Storm's got coffee!
Gonna raise BQ up to eighty!
It's our websites, all combined!
And it's been sniffing pesticide!
Storm's the best site!
We have battles with no real fight!
Gonna put us, in the Top 5!
Battles we post won't be live!
MOONLIGHT VERSION: "You'll pay for this, Storm Version!"
"We're the Webmasters!"
"You can be one too!"
 "Cause updating our website is the thing to do!"
"Puns and funny jokes, are the way!"
"Here's what Storm Version, has to say!"
"The coffee is OURS!"

Written by Duo

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