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Welcome to Cinnabar Version! The first, and deadest, Allied Version! Say YELLOW! to the combined Crimson Version and White Version. In other words...hell, there is no other words!

10/1/01: CrimsonKing:
For any not aware, Ms. Julia Anonymous, A.K.A. Dacta, has said her farewells and left the whole Poke Battles thing.  While it's unfortunate to lose a good writer and the best partner I could hope for, I'm still going to be around and writing battles... though not for Cinnabar.  Due to an recent interest shown in my original site,
Crimson Version (particularly by my former partner), I'll be resuming my writing there.  So, nearly one year after it's opening, Cinnabar Version is officially closed, for good.

Then again, I said the same thing for Crimson Version a year ago.  So what do I know?
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