Battle #1
The Glitchy Itch

Wake up, Wake up...
Something's happening...
Who am I?
Enter your name:
What? I don't even know where I am... there's nothing here! all this blank space...
Enter your name:
uhh... Seth...
Seth? Y/N
Seth: Yes

Meanwhile in the decayed ruins of the old Lime Version

Nobody Loves me everybody hates me, I'm gonna go eat worms! ^ ^
Jimmy: SHUT UP! SHUT UP!!!! You're driving me crazy!
Wow, someone woke up on the wrong side of the bed!
Jimmy: We're stuck here, in NOWHERE
*glitch* Correction... Now Here... *Bzzt*
Jimmy: What?! uh oh... something's happening.

Seth, Welcome to Lime Version, It's time to choose a pokemon!
Seth: Umm, Couldn't I get clothes first?
Of course not, POKEMON FIRST all else is NOTHING.
Seth: You're Creepy...
*Glitch* Nobody Lovvvvves me...

The Dude is Back!
Uhh, Webmaster?
Why are ther-WE two Narrators?
Ohh, Don't worry, you're merging!
In the past having two Narrators has alwasy caused conflict, Lime Version simply cannot stand with that ^ ^
What is to become of us?!
You shall be one! And for the first time ever, a Narrator will use it's Iron fist here in Lime Version! Fail me in this, and you shall go the way of SHELL Version!

DV: Ohh No! The Webmaster has gone mad... or... has he? And who is Seth, Why was he the first one annouced instead of Jimmy? Why was Lime Version Re-awakned for a third time?
Tune in Next time Limites! uhh... Limeites? Limitians? Faithful viewers!
Straight from the Nothing, Something.
Pokebattles... ASSEMBLE!
Red Version
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