Battle #2
It's Like Nothing Ever Changes

So I Says to the guy... I says...
Seth: Soo wait... are you still glitched?
Glitched? Ohh you mean when I was having that problem merging with myself!
Seth: Okay, Seriously you're really weird for an AI construct...
Jimmy: He's not really an... ohh for the love of gawd... The Narrator is narrator-ing me?
Seth: Okay... and who are you?
JIMMY wants to Fight!
Jimmy: Dude... what the? This has never happened before...

Seth: It's a fight you want eh? Well then chum... bring it on!
SETH sent out DVD
Seth: I did what now?
SETH sent out Bring It On the DVD!
Jimmy: Ohh no, I've heard of this. awful stories tell of Narrators in other realms doing this sort of thing to the players... but this has never occured in Lime before!

Seth: Okay, start off slowly, what is Lime Version, and what is a player?
Jimmy: Right now, you're the player, see you have the blue text, so long as you have that you're safe from permantent death!
Jimmy: as for Lime Version...
JIMMY looks out at the 4th wall
Jimmy: It's a world within a world, which in turn is a mere parody of a world, which is a captialist success.

Seth: Laymen's terms?
Jimmy: It's a Pokemon Parody Site.
Seth: Okay, I think I understand so far, and this Narrator... he's some evil power here to destory us using cosmic powers?
Jimmy: Well, not exactly cosmic... more like... well... Pun-ishment
NARRATOR does like JIMMY's use of the oldest pun in the book
Seth: So now we battle?
Jimmy: You catch on quick! Go Spoon!
Jimmy: Uhh... huh?
There is no SPOON!
Jimmy: I hate you...

Seth: DVD use Dance!
DVD used dance
All teenagers are stricken with a sudden desire to watch.
JIMMY is paralyzed
he may not attack!

Seth: DVD finish him off!
JIMMY Will never get a-head in life now!

Seth: Ewwww

Did I just kill off the old main character? Sweet!

DV: The Webmaster has some serious issues...

Don't make me mad...

DV: Did Jimmy's Death have any reason? Was it completely senseless? Who was that masked man? Find out in future battles here in: Lime Version!
The End is near! So stop running!
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