Battle #4
This battle is cleverly disguised as an update!

Deep within the Amish Fortress of Solitude and quilting center

Amish Seth: Ohh you horrible, horrible man, you have burned down my barn, destroyed my very livelyhood... and now you must pay!
Why is AMISH dude plotting against SETH anyway?
Amish Seth: HAH! I was created for the very purpose of... umm... working hard with my hands... not letting myself fall into the Devil's hands... and DESTROYING SETH AT ALL COSTS!
That sounds like quite a resume to fill out.
Amish Seth: It's mostly just fluff.
And how exactly do you plan on executing the PC of this most popular parody?
Amish Seth: Same way any PC is killed... through pure apathy... once people stop beleiving or caring about the character the game is left idle, and the PC is forgotten until one day... he is gone!
And how could an NPC accomplish that?
Amish Seth: Take a look at my text!
AMISH SETH has pointed out something very obvious to an omnipresent being...
And how do you plan on retaining the blue text when fighting SETH?

Amish Seth: I am his clone, in fact, for all intent and purposes... I AM SETH!
But still he would retain the blue text as the main character!
A Seth: MUAHAHA!  That is where you are wrong! already I am the PC in my own Pokebattle, all I will need is to star in a few more, and I shall usurp him from his pompious posistion on his postier!
My first recomindation is for a spell checker... my second is to kill yourself for using such horrible word play.
A Seth: Your opinion matters little, in the final showdown it shall be my quick wit and blue text that shall guide my pokemon!
NARRATOR would like to point out that your wit is as sharp as a marble.
A Seth: You merely do not appreciate my pre-electronic age humor tis all!
Humor is subjective to time, and honestly, you've lost it...
A Seth: What? I've lost my humor?
No, Time! You're living in the past!

Ohh the story and plot plod along smoothly across the canvas of my imagination!

DV: Still, the entire premise of the story seems very streched, almost as if the author is making it up as he goes along...

HAH! Hardly my good Disembodied Voice! You see, this will all make sense soon enough!

DV: Regardless, What WILL happen to Seth, or even A Seth? How will this conflict of PCs be resolved? Tune in, and tune out the rest of the world!
Ohh those horrible Amish, always plotting the overthrow of Lime Version...
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