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Battle #20: Deadly Winds 
February 20, 2000
Mystery03 [Record: 2-1-0]  ICQ 60561562 | E-Mail | Web Site
Pokeman (Mew Lord) [Record: 1-2-0]  ICQ 53160978 | E-Mail | Web Site
Wakuseino Narrator  ICQ 53774268 | E-Mail | Web Site

<wakuseino> MYSTERY03, please enter the arena!
<Mystery03> okay! I'm in
<jrcom> Can I battle?
<Lani> So close. Hey, wait a sec. Is that my Sea?
<jrcom> Him?
<wakuseino> MEW LORD, please enter the arena!
<Pokeman> coming, I'm coming
<Mystery03> Ah, a MEW...
<Dave> A sailor went to SEA, SEA, SEA.....
<jrcom> Err... their not here....
<Mystery03> You would make a perfect prize...
<Mystery03> I'm gonna catch you!
<Pokeman> Not a mew.. a trainer..
<Dave> ....to SEE what it could SEE, SEE, SEE.....
<Mystery03> Oh....
<wakuseino> MYSTERY wants to fight!
<Mystery03> I'm gonna catch your Mew!
<Dave> ....but all...oh, I guess I outta shut up.
<Pokeman> I don't have one!
<Mystery03> Go Mr. Mime!
<wakuseino> MEW LORD wants to fight!
<Pokeman> I'm gonna steal you're pokemon!
<Mystery03> What? No Mew?
<wakuseino> MYSTERY sent out MR. MIME!
<Mystery03> How can you call yourself Mew Lord?
<Pokeman> Go, Uh. Go.. Taz?
<wakuseino> MYSTERY used INSULT!
<wakuseino> MEW LORD sent out TAZ!
<Mystery03> Mr. Mime! Start Miming!
<wakuseino> MR. MIME used MIME!
<Pokeman> Taz, use superthrash
<wakuseino> It's super annoying!
<wakuseino> TAZ is annoyed!
<Mystery03> Don't interrupt it while miming!
<wakuseino> TAZ is loafing around!
<Pokeman> Oooh, Taz, eat it!
<Mystery03> Mr. Mime! Doubleslap!
<wakuseino> TAZ kicked MR. MIME!
<Mystery03> Uh-oh... you interrupted it!
<wakuseino> MR. MIME used DOUBLSLAP!
<Pokeman> Taz.. Tornado!
<Mystery03> Mime!
Lani enters the chat
<Pokeman> ooh..
<wakuseino> TAZ used TORNADO!
<Mystery03> Mime!
<Mystery03> Barrier!
<wakuseino> TORNADO uprooted TREE!
<wakuseino> TREE fainted!
<Pokeman> Uh...?
<wakuseino> MR. MIME used MIME
<wakuseino> MR. MIME MIMED a TREE!
<Mystery03> Annoy Taz!
<Pokeman> Taz.. Use some attack that isn't real but is super effective
<wakuseino> TAZ used TREEEATER!
<Mystery03> Mr. Mime! No!
<wakuseino> TAZ is CHOKING!
<Mystery03> Transform into something other than a tree!
<Pokeman> Taz.. tornado..
<wakuseino> TAZ used TORNADO!
<wakuseino> MORE dust entered TAZ'S LUNGS!
<wakuseino> TAZ fainted!
<Pokeman> Go, Me... Use Freaky glare
<Mystery03> ?
<wakuseino> MEW LORD sent out MEW LORD!
<Mystery03> Mr. Mime! Dark Mind!
<wakuseino> MEW LORD used FREAKY GLARE!
<wakuseino> MEW LORD GLARED at MR. MIME!
<wakuseino> MR. MIME used DARK MIND!
<Pokeman> Use Aurora Beam!
<wakuseino> MR. MIME'S mind is BLANK!
<wakuseino> MR. MIME fainted!
<Mystery03> Mime a shield!
<wakuseino> err...
<Mystery03> Go Psyduck!
<wakuseino> MR. MIME fainted!
<wakuseino> MYSTERY sent out PSYDUCK!
<Pokeman> Kill!
<Mystery03> Psyduck! Duckkan rage!
<wakuseino> PSYDUCK used DUCKKAN RAGE!
<Pokeman> Duck!
<wakuseino> PSYDUCK QUACKED!
Dave enters the chat
<Pokeman> kill the duck!
<wakuseino> MEW LORD killed CLIFF!
<wakuseino> CLIFF died!
<Mystery03> Is that a faint?
<wakuseino> PSYDUCK quacked at MEW LORD!
<Mystery03> okay
Darth Junior enters the chat
<wakuseino> MEW LORD is OFFENDED!

<Mystery03> Slap it!
<Pokeman> Mega Kick that psyduck into next week
<Mystery03> I mean slap it!
<wakuseino> MEW LORD is loafing around....
<Pokeman> What!
<wakuseino> MEW LORD used THROW!
<Mystery03> Psyduck! Um... super quack!
<wakuseino> MEW LORD threw PSYDUCK off FAINTED CLIFF!
<wakuseino> PSYDUCK fainted!
<Pokeman> Hmm.. interesting.. Now time to defeat Mystery!
<Mystery03> Go me!
<Pokeman> Aurora beam Mystery!
<Mystery03> Poke!
<wakuseino> MYSTERY sent out MYSTERY!
<wakuseino> AURORA beamed MYSTERY!
<Pokeman> ?
<wakuseino> MYSTERY used POKE!
<Mystery03> Kick!
<Pokeman> Aurora Beam!
<wakuseino> AURORA beamed MEW LORD!
<wakuseino> MYSTERY used KICK!
<Pokeman> Hmm.. Go, Jigglypuff!
<Mystery03> Transform!
<wakuseino> MEW LORD sent out JIGGLYPUFF!
<Pokeman> Jiggly Puff sing!
<wakuseino> MYSTERY used TRANSFORM!
<wakuseino> MYSTERY transformed into MYSTERY!
<Mystery03> Yes!!!
<Mystery03> HAHHAAHHHA!
<wakuseino> JIGGLY used PUFF SING!
<Mystery03> Ear plug!
<Mystery03> ?
<wakuseino> DON'T ask!
<Mystery03> Kick!
<Pokeman> Jigglypuff.. Mega Beam
<wakuseino> MYSTERY used KICK!
<wakuseino> MYSTERY used SHOUT!
<wakuseino> SHOUT hurt MYSTERY'S EARS!
<wakuseino> MYSTERY fainted!
<Mystery03> Plug ears!
<Mystery03> oh.. never mind...
<Lani> Good jobs
<wakuseino> MEW LORD wins!
<Pokeman> Hey..
<Eric, MHE> Way to go Mew Lord!
Dave enters the chat
<Lani> Congrats Mew Lord
<Mystery03> Good job Mew Lord!

Battle #21: Enter The New iRAB 
February 20, 2000
The New iRAB [No Record]  NPC Under Webmaster's Control
Eric, MHE [Record: 6-1-0]  ICQ 20637547 | E-Mail | Web Site
Wakuseino Narrator  ICQ 53774268 | E-Mail | Web Site

<wakuseino> IRAB, please enter the arena!
<Pokeman> Yes.. I want to battle Eric this time
<Eric, MHE> I can beat someone in that time!  Let's do it!  heehee.
<Pegasus> I guess so...
<Lani> 9,8,7,6,5,4,3,2,1! Happy New Year!
<Mystery03> iRAB needs to battle!
<wakuseino>  ERIC, please enter the arena!
<iRAB>  heh... I thought you'd never ask
<jrcom> Can you guys see the other people?
<Pokeman> who is he battling?
<jrcom> I can't.
<Dave>  Let's hurry! My mom's getting mad.
<Eric, MHE> Ok, I'm here.
<iRAB> c'mon Midgyo, Jeeves
<Lani> Go iRab! go Eric!
<Pokeman> my dad too..
<iRAB> We've got a battle to win
<wakuseino> *please halt all chat at this time*
<wakuseino> IRAB wants to fight!

<iRAB> I want to fight as well
<wakuseino> ERIC wants to fight!
<Eric, MHE> Arbok, you're up!
<iRAB> Midyo, Go!
<Eric, MHE> Arbok.
<wakuseino> ERIC sent out ARBOK!
<wakuseino> IRAB sent out MIDGYO!
<Eric, MHE> Glare attack Arbok!
<iRAB> Midgyo avert your gaze
<wakuseino> ARBOK used GLARE!
<iRAB> charge in there Midgyo!
<wakuseino> MIDGYO averted gaze!
<Eric, MHE> Trip him!
<wakuseino> MIDGYO gazed at ERIC!
<wakuseino> MIDGYO is SCARED!
<iRAB> Call him a son of an onion, Midgyo!
<iRAB> Get your confidence up!
<wakuseino> MIDGYO called ERIC a son of an onion
<wakuseino> MIDGYO called IRAB a son of an onion!
<Eric, MHE> All right, let's horrify this Red Version character...show him battle 28!!
<iRAB> Midgyo, keep your gaze averted
<iRAB> keep staring at Eric!
<wakuseino> NARRATOR forgot what 28 was!
<Eric, MHE> Flash-pun.
<Eric, MHE> Sabrina accidentally used it after confusing the Narrator.
<iRAB> Charge him, knock him down!
<Eric, MHE> Ow!
<iRAB> Ignore the Arbok, just concentrate on Eric!
<wakuseino> MIDGYO used CHARGE!
<iRAB> Good Midgyo!
<Eric, MHE> Arbok, don't let him do that!
<Eric, MHE> wrap attack!
<iRAB> Ignore the Arbok Midgyo!  You're too small to be trapped by it
<wakuseino> ERIC used WRAP!
<iRAB> slip on through and keep the pressure on Eric!
<Eric, MHE> Arbok, you mean.
<wakuseino> MIDGYO HIT ERIC on the head!
<Eric, MHE> I can't fight!  Arbok, acid the shrimp!
<iRAB> Land another
<wakuseino> MIDGYO fainted!
<iRAB> um...
<iRAB> Jeeves, get'm!
<Eric, MHE> Arbok, screech on iRAB!
<wakuseino> IRAB sent out JEEVES!
<iRAB> Use your silver platter to reflect the sound!
<wakuseino> ARBOK used SCREECH!
<wakuseino> ARBOK is still standing....
<Eric, MHE> Bite him!
<iRAB> Alright, now throw the silver platter!
<wakuseino> ARBOK used bite!
<iRAB> throw
<wakuseino> ARBOK bit SILVER PLATTER!
<Eric, MHE> Spit out at him!
<wakuseino> JEEVES fainted!
<iRAB> yeeha!
<wakuseino> from fear, mind you...
<iRAB> How do you like that, huh Jeeves?
<iRAB> Go, me!
<Eric, MHE> Arborbok, return!
<wakuseino> IRAB sent out IRAB!
<iRAB> Flying iRAB kick!
<wakuseino> ERIC withdrew ARBOK!
<Eric, MHE> Sabrina… the guy who took those pictures was… HIM!
<iRAB> Comin' at ya!
<wakuseino> ARBOK escaped!
<wakuseino> IRAB used KICK!
<Eric, MHE> Use psychic on him for it!
<iRAB> Ha!  I have no brain for psychic to work on!
<wakuseino> ERIC used PSYCHIC on ARBOK!
<iRAB> hmm...
<wakuseino> ARBOK fainted!
<Eric, MHE> No...I sent out Sabrina to kill iRAB...
<iRAB> heh
<Eric, MHE> Ok, use those freaky powers of yours.
<iRAB> Alls I gotta do is kill another Pokémon...
<wakuseino> ERIC used FREAKY POWERS!
<wakuseino> SABRINA is not loose!
<iRAB> I imagine a psychic attack would be ineffective against me
<iRAB> Whiling iRAB punch!
<wakuseino> IRAB used WHIRLING PUNCH!
<wakuseino> IRAB is DIZZY!
<iRAB> oh shoot!
<wakuseino> IRAB is confused!
<Eric, MHE> Ok, I obviously never sent that one out.  So I'll send out Weedle as my Pokémon.
<wakuseino> ERIC sent out WEEDLE!
<iRAB> I will dizzily step on it!
<Eric, MHE> Kill.
<wakuseino> It hurt itself in its confusion!
<iRAB> Step on it in my dizziness heh heh
<wakuseino> WEEDLE used KILL!
<wakuseino> WEEDLE killed GRASS!
<iRAB> You can't kill me... I'm the new iRAB!
<iRAB> Rolling jump drop kick!
<Eric, MHE> Weedle, Poison sting!
<wakuseino> IRAB used DROP KICK!
<wakuseino> WEEDLE is too small to KICK!

<wakuseino> WEEDLE used POISON STING!
<iRAB> grr... I want to step on that infernal creature!
<wakuseino> IRAB was stung!
<wakuseino> IRAB is no longer confused!
<Eric, MHE> Weedle, finish him off!
<iRAB> Argh... DIE!
<wakuseino> IRAB used DIE!
<wakuseino> IRAB DIED!
<iRAB> uh oh...
<iRAB> shoot!
<Eric, MHE> Ha!
<wakuseino> ERIC wins!
<PB Narrator> time is up
<Pokeman> Good Job ERICAW.. Er Eric, AW
<PB Narrator> great narration, Wakuseino
<wakuseino> That was fun
<Eric, MHE> Wow...just in time.
<jrcom> Yeah.
<wakuseino> Thanks, Narrator.

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Session #3 lasted approximately 3 hours.

<Dave> I STILL think NOTHING is like Lord Sloth.....