Here is the battle scoreboard from battle #1-#30.

Ash [0-1-0] 25
Apu [1-0-0] 24
Bart Simpson [1-1-1] 1, 15
Bob the Cameraman [9-9-2] 2, 3, 6, H1, 9, 11, 12, 16, 20, 25, B1-8,
BoogieDude [1-0-1] 23, 26
Cashier [0-0-1] 7
Charlie Brown [0-1-0] 13
Circus Tamer [0-0-1] B5
Cool Dude [3-3-0] 4, 8, 10, 21, 22, 28
Emperor Cow [2-0-0] 27, 28
Flint [0-1-0] B3
Flubby [3-1-3] 6, 7, 9, B5, B7
FreakBoy [1-0-0] 19
Guy [1-3-2] 17, 18, 23, 26
Homer Simpson [2-1-1] 1, 5, 29
Jojo [0-1-0] 14
Lisa Simpson [1-1-0] 1
Lucy [1-1-0] 13
Mac [0-2-0] 24, 27
Maggie Simpson [1-0-0] 1
Meowth [0-1-0] 8
Misty [0-1-0] B6
Mr. Burns [0-2-0] 5, 29
Mr. Man [1-0-0] 30
Officer Jenny [1-0-0] B2
PokeFreak [1-2-0] 2, 3, 30
Regis [1-0-0] 16
Robot [0-1-0] 20
Rocket [1-0-0] 14
ShadowStar [2-1-0] 19, 22, 29
Snoopy [1-0-0] 13
Team Rocket [0-1-1] B4, B8
Ticket Holder [1-0-0] 4
Toxin [0-1-0] 19
Trick-or-Treater [0-1-0] H1
Webmaster [3-2-0] 10, 18, 21
Wild Charizard [1-0-0] B1
Wild Sumo [0-0-1] 17
Y2K Bug [0-1-0] 12

The following will have access to the Purple Version arena!
Bob the Cameraman with a record of 9-9-2!
Emperor Cow with a record of 2-0-0!
Cool Dude with a record of 3-3-0!
Mac with a record of 0-2-0!

Recap: With Emperor Cow on the loose, we were lucky enough to get him to battle. We jumped in 7 special recruiters to come and take him away with 45 tranquilizer darts. The other characters agreed to come but we didn't exactly get word on...wait a minute...who put Mac here?!

BOB THE CAMERAMAN! EMPEROR COW! Please enter the arena!
Text Key: Text/Bob's dialogue/Emperor Cow's dialogue

So, who is this Emperor Cow I keep hearing so much about?
Spaceshutte crashed into Staduim audience!
AAAAAAAH! I bet that's gonna be a lawsuit!
Granny says that she's okay!
Granny is killed by automatic sliding staircase!
Oooooh...that's gotta hurt.
Emperor Cow steps out of Spaceshuttle triumphantly!
You idiot! You just destroyed half of our audience!
Well, I kill and I'm proud of it!
That's why I'm gonna kill you!
I'd be glad to. Pokeball, go!
I want to fight!
That's what we're doing, you mindless weirdo!
Emperor Cow wants to fight!
That sounds much better!
Emperor Cow was hit by Bob's PokeBall!
Oops, sorry about that...
Alrighty, now. YOU SHALL PAY!!!
Emperor Cow sent out 3 PokeBalls!
Go! PokeBall!
Go! PokeBall!
Ha! You can't fight with a PokeBall alone!
Go! !%$#&%!????
Huh? What the heck is that?
Bob used PokeDex!
!%$#&%!????, the crazy Pokemon. This Pokemon is so rare that only one exists in the world.
I want that Pokemon! Gimmie now!
Oak says hands off!
Oops...that just came out...
No it didn't! You're not Emperor Cow!
You're very smart and you're right because I really am-
Imposter Emperor Cow is really Professor Oak!
Hey! I wanted to say that!
Oh yeah! Well, I can battle you!
Wait! My Pokemon isn't out yet!
Pikachu came out!
Pikachu is angry that you made him stay in the PokeBall!
Alright, Pikachu, attack!
Oak: Bob! This sin't the time to use that!
Pikachu says that that's fine with him!
This is really cheap, Oak!
It's fun too.
Webmaster yawns for no reason!
What was that for?
Webmaster says for no reason and giggles!
Crickets used Silent Chirp!
Single Audience Member used Cough!
Okay! I can use my PokeBall!
PokeBall used Bop!
Bob was bopped by PokeBall!
What was that supposed to do?
Bob is losing health fast!
What???? NOOOOOOO!!!
Yeah, that's what.
Bob fainted!
Emper-er...Oak wins!
Let's get this on!

COOL DUDE! MAC! Please enter the arena!
Text key: Text/Cool Dude's dialogue/Mac's dialogue

I'm ready, baby! Bring that Mac guy on!
. . .
Hey, where is Mac, anyway?
Sorry, my shoelace got untied and I slipped into the arena so I'll just go no-
No way! We have a battle to do!
Cool Dude wants to fight!
Mac doesn't want to fight!
I'm sorry but I don't want to fight!
I always lose!
Then you shouldn't have entered to PokeBattles!
PokeBattles? What are they?
*sigh*, you're a hopeless cause.
Oak appeared!
AAAAAH! Hey! Get back in your booth until the ending match!
C'mon, Mac! We gotta get him away!

Mac ran away scared like a little girl!
Coward! Now who am I going to fight?
Cool Dude wins by forfiet!
WOO-HOO! I won! In your face, Oak!
Oh no you don't!
Oak used Random Killing Attack!
Cool Dude fainted!
Yeah! I'm the automatic winner!
Random Stadium Audience Member wins!
Bah, he'll be easy.

Color Key:
Text/Oak's Dialogue/Random Crowd Member's Dialogue

Crowd Member! You shall die!
What? I was just getting my breakfast burrito when the announcer announced my name!
Oh? And is your name REALLY Random Crowd Member?
Random Crowd Member's real name is Bob!
Bob the Cameraman?
No! Just Bob!
Oak wants to fight!
Bob doesn't really want to fight but she will anyway!
What? How could you be a she? Your name is Bob!
Blame it on my heritage.
What's so important about that?
Bob's heritage is The Killing Murderers!
Uh-oh...this won't be so easy.
I'll fight you myself!
Go! Oak!
Bob sent out Bob!
Bad move to send out yourself!
Me! Use Uncontrollible Rage!
Bob used Uncontrolable Rage!
Bob is spinning fiercly in a circle!
Uh-oh, this isn't good...
Oak was slapped multiple times!
Oak has a big lump on his head, revealing his bald spot!
Haha! You've got a bald spot!
I do not!
Oak is fully bald!
That's it! You will pay!
Oak threw millions of broken PokeDexes at Bob!
PokeDexes blew up!
Bob fainted!
Oak wins!
Yes! I am the master!
Oh no, you're not!
WAAAH? You're still alive!?
Pink text was taken over by Police Officer!
Pfft, what's one police officer gonna do?
Police Officer is in front of 1 trillion more!
You're under arrest for inpersonating a stadium compedeter!
Oak was shoved into police car!
Police Car sped off! wins, anyway?

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