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Color Key: Dialogue/ Text
Battle #63: Don’t Call Him Mad! (January 7, 2001)
Location: Underground Lair
Player: Angry Scientist [No Record]

Narrator #2: In his secret underground lair, the mad scientist began his evil plan to destroy Purple Version!
I am not a mad scientist! I am an angry scientist! Angry!
Narrator #2: Alright, the ANGRY scientist began his evil plan to destroy Purple Version. Happy?
No! I am not happy! I am angry! That’s why I’m an angry scientist, not mad! Angry, angry, angry!
Narrator #2: Well, it would help if you brightened up a bit.
Narrator #2: Anyway, the ANGRY scientist was thinking out a “flawless” plan to destroy Purple Version, which he thinks is completely “foolproof.”
What is it with the sarcasticness-ness of you?
Anyway, I’m working on that plan!

Hours later…
Narrator #2: So, think up a plan yet?

No, it’s just plain awful!
All I could think of was to throw a blankie over the webmaster’s head when he’s not looking.

Narrator #2: Wow! That IS awful!
Toxin appeared!

How did you get here! This place is off-limits so you better have a damn good reason to be in here!
Toxin: I just heard about your plan! It’s brilliant! You’re a great mad scientist!
For the last time and all those other times! I am an angry scientist!
Angry Scientist wants to fight!
Toxin: I accept your challenge…but I will win!
Toxin sent out Squidlicious!
Angry Scientist sent out Angry Scientist!

Ha, that’s a really freaky lookin’ squid you got there!
Squidlicius is surfing the net!
Uh…isn’t he supposed to be fighting me?
Squidlicious went to hamsterdance.com!
Wait, I love this song! De dah ditidt doh!
Angry Scientist is dancing!
Toxin: That’s kind of hard to do with a hump…

No it’s not!
Squidlcious dances too!
Squidlcious and Angry Scientist do the Tango!

Hey, I didn’t know you were left handed, Squidlicious!
Squidlicious: But, I have two hands!
Angry Scientist’s brain snaps, remembering he has to battle!

Oh yeah!
Angry Scientist fiddles with Squidlcious’ laptop!
Hmmm…if I just attach this to that…
Hamster is singing and dancing seven trillion times faster!
Hamster: Dedahditditdoh!!!!!!!!!!!!

Aaaah! She’s gonna bloooow!
Squidlicious blew up with the hamster and laptop!

Hah! Beat that!
Toxin sent out Toxin!
Toxin: Now you’re gonna get it! I gave that to Squidlicious as a birthday present!

Give me yer best shot!
Toxin gave Angry Scientist his best shot!
Toxin used Evil Laugh!
But, it failed!

Ha! You suck!
Angry Scientist used Potion Mix!
A little of this and that!
Angry Scientist shoved tubes down Toxin’s throat!
Toxin: Hey, this is good! What is it?

Simple, acid.
Toxin lifts up suit and sees a giant hole in his stomach!
Toxin: That’s it, I’ll kill you!
Toxin got out his Mast Blasta!
Toxin masta blasta-ed Angry Scientist!

Ach! That smarts!
Can’t go on…make sure not to bury me at McArthur park, there are wolverines reported in that area!

Mad Scientist fainted!
That’s ANGRY!
Mad Scientist used Kill!
Narrator #2 fainted!

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Battle #64 to be posted NEVER!

Battle #62: Who Let The Jerks Out? (January 5, 2001)
Location: Grassy Field
Player: Bob the Cameraman [Record: 12-13-6] Last Battle: Win vs. Lenny Mobster (Battle #59)

Bob, Shadowstar, and Guy play cards!
Shadowstar: I win again!
That's just because you used your X-ray eyes!
Shadowstar: No I didn't.
Ach! This is boring, isn't there supposed to be a villain coming to kill us?
Narrator #2 says NO!
Narrator #2 says he's going on vacation!
But, who'll narrate our lives?
Guy silently cheers!
Narrator #2 says his green cousin is coming to narrate who is three hundred times as mean!
What? NOOOO!
Portal to Orange Version opened!
We gotta get in there!
Shadowstar: Why?
Narrator #2 says if you go in there, you're bound to be tormented by the Orange Webmaster!
Hmmm...never thought about that...
Narrator #2 says pity!
Bob, Shadowstar, and Guy are sucked in portal!
Portal was sealed!

Player: Black Ninja [Record: 1-0-0] Last Battle: Win vs. Bob (Battle #57)

BLARRRGH! Must kill Shadowstar!
Hey, what's with the green text!

Narrator #3 says Narrator #2 is on vacation!
I'm his brother, Narrator #3!
Oh, I get it.
Black Ninja gets it!
Yeah, now, I gotta find Shadowstar!
Black Ninja wants to find Shadowstar!
And I wanna kill 'em !
Black Ninja wants to find Shadowstar and kill 'em!
Stop copying me!
Black Ninja wants me to stop copying him!
Black Ninja goes 'ACH!'!
Freakboy appeared!
Hey, you! Do you know where Shadowstar is?
Freakboy: Well, I'm his ally! I should know...but I don't.
Tell me where Shadowstar is or die!
Freakboy: Uh, is there a nicer choice, like maybe make some marshmellow sandwiches and watch the Fluffy Bunny Variety Hour?
By the way, if anyone in the audience knows where Shadowstar is, please call me at 1-800-YOUSQUEAL!

Freakboy stares blankly out in space!
That's 1-800-YOU SQUEAL!
Phone rings!
Oh, lemmie see.
Black Ninja picks up phone!
Woman: You idiot! Are you blind? Shadowstar left to Orange Version at the beginning of the battle! Now go and get him so we can end this stupid battle!
Portal to Orange Version opened!
BLARGH! Kill Shadowstar now!
Black Ninja runs to portal!
Freakboy trips him!
Freakboy: I won't let you kill my friend and/or ally!
Move aside, square!
Freakboy: Square? SQUARE?!
Freakboy wants to fight!
Humph, I'll just take you out easily.
Freakboy sent out Freakboy!
Black Ninja sent out Ninja!
Ha, you didn't know I owned a karate school, did you?
Freakboy: Uh, who are you again?
EEER! Ninja, attack!
Ninja used Smack!
Freakboy was smacked!
Freakboy: Ah, so you're a ninja too, let me show you my power!
Freakboy ripped off clothes revealing ninja underwear!
Uh, disturbing that is...
ACH! It's so stunning, it's ruining my grammer!
Freakboy used Really Screwed Up Ninja Ritual That Makes You Lose Your Lunch!
Ninja could't stand it and commited suicide!
Go! Black Ninja!
I'll make mincemeat out of you!
Black Ninja used Deadly Ninja Move!
Freakboy: Owie!
Hey, he's supposed to die!
Freakboy is so stupid, he can't be killed!
Ach, what's the point of fighting him if I can't kill him!
Freakboy used Stunning Move!
Freakboy pulled off underpants!
Black Ninja tries to stare away but can't!
Black Ninja fainted!
Freakboy wins!
Freakboy hands Narrator #3 some extra dough!
Thanks for the money kid, so I let you win. But now, put your pants on please for god's sake!

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Battle #61: Simpsons Under Glass (December 31, 2000)
Location: Simpsaniac's Underground Lair
Player: Homer Simpson [Record: 3-2-2] Last Battle: Loss vs. Doompuff (Fanfic)

Homer wakes up!

Hey, where the hell am I?

Homer is in a cell!

What did I do?

You as Mr. Green gave Mr. Burns a poisoned donut in the Kwik-E-Mart!

What? That's all gibberish! Like somethig out of the board game Clue...

Simpsons Clue! Now out in stores!

That's not funny.

Gate is open!

Woo-hoo! I'm outta here!

Homer runs to door!
Homer smacks into glass wall!

Hey, it's like something from the twilighty show about that zone..
Homer said that line before in Battle #50!

So what
Simpsaniac appeared!

Ach, it's the freak again!

Simpsaniac is insulted!
Simpsaniac is no freak!

Then what is he?

Simpsaniac is a zombie!

AAAH! Zombie!

Homer breaks through glass!
Simpsaniac: What! You can't do that! I paid a lot of money for that!

Nobody, I mean nobody, imprisons Homer Simpson!

Homer used Punch!
Simpsaniac was punched!
Simpsaniac says that was uncalled for!
Homer Simpson wants to fight!

Yep, prepare to die, zombie face!

Simpsaniac sent out Simpsaniac!
Simpsaniac: Hey, where are all my Simpsons!
Narrator #2 used Flashback!

Not again!

Flashback shows Bob releasing all of Simpsaniac's Simpsons!

All my friends are released! Except Flanders, you can keep him...

Homer Simpson sent out Homer!

I am the magical man!

Homer is the Magical Man!
Homer's attack greatly rose!
Simpsaniac used Lure!
Simpsaniac: Hey Homer! Want a donut?
Simpsaniac threw donut!
Homer catched donut and ate it!

Mmmm... purple...

Attack failed!
Homer used Donut Throw!
Donut skimmed off Simpsaniac's arm!
Arm fell out of socket!


Simpsaniac replaced arm!
Simpsaniac says not to do that!
Simpsaniac points to Bart, Lisa, Marge and Maggie imprisoned in lair!

Where are they?

Simpsaniac hid them where you'll never find them!

Give my family back!

Simpsaniac dissapeared in the shadows!
Simpsaniac chickened out!
Homer wins!


Simpsaniac takes over as Narrator for the next four battles!

D'oh! Who knows what he's going to do to me?

Simpsaniac gives Homer a beer!

Woo-hoo! Thanks!

Beer is non-alchoholic!


Homer crushes beer with hand!


Wall flies up!

Oooh..an automatic wall opener!

Homer enters prarie land behind wall!
Wall slams shut!
Will Homer find his family or will be tourtured for all eternity by Simpsaniac: the narrator?
Well you're going to have to wait till the next battle! Ha-ha!

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   -Marge Simpson from Episode 3F06: Mother Simpson
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"Hi. I remember you from such filmstrips as Locker Room Towel Fight: The Blinding of Larry Driscoll."
   -Lisa Simpson from Episode 3F15: A Fish Called Selma
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