The Shadow Elite cheered, danced, and did other random acts of glee. Three seconds later, they were quieter than a mime... One of which really was.
"SHADOW ELITE ran away!" Narrator 2 boomed.
Wyn aimed his shotgun at the sky. "Ran away my ass! TAKE THAT BACK!"
"BUILDING won!" continued the apparently-amused Narrator 2. Wyn shot several bullets into the sky and at the building. The building quickly fell down. "BUILDING fainted!"

"This is indignifying!" Stark Trent shouted after reading the Bi-Weekly Continent’s headline: NARRATOR PUSHES NAKED GUY OFF BUILDING. MORE ON PERSONALS. "Lousy Louise Road... I’ll get her outta there so fast BOTH our heads will spin! DO YOU HEAR ME!?"
"Yes, Stark, I hear you," Louise answered from the next apartment.

"You stupid Narrator! I didn’t mean for you to REALLY bite me!" Cid shouted, shaking his fist at the sky.
"Hey, you shoulda told me that earlier... AAH!"
Something tapped on Cid’s shoulder. As he turned around, he was, well, knee-to-face with Darkpuff. "DOOM," it announced. "DOOMPUFF PUFF DOOM. DOOMPUFF."
"Uh... What?" Cid didn’t have a clue what Doompuff just said. It was proved by him slamming his backpack into his face, followed by an announcement from Narrator 2.
"Okay Narrator... We get the idea. AAH!! WHAT THE HELL IS THAT BEHIND YOU!?" Cid pointed to a giant robot looming over Darkpuff. Darkpuff was indifferent. It had been tricked like this before. Unfortunately for it, the robot stepped right on the little Doompuff, making a clearly audible POP! sound. "Darkpuff’s too easy to kill now... Uh-oh." The robot continued on its course, leaving Cid with the quickly-reassembling shreds of Darkpuff. Cid ran away from the area as fast as he could.
"CID ran away!" Narrator 2 supplied.

    "Okay, if we destroy Darkpuff, we’ll be known as heroes. Then we can take over Shadow G/S while they revere us," said the Salesman General.
"Exellent. Prepare the troops... How many do we have left anyway?" Mysterious Figure B asked. After since Salesman General’s salesman phase in the previous headquarters, they moved to a more inconspicuous place: Saiu Volcano. The only problem was the innumerable amount of ‘SECRET BASE IS OVER THERE’ signs given to people by the Salesman Army’s troops.
"Four, sir. Including us."
"Well, ever since your Tornado incident, most of the troops died, others fell off cliffs in their confusion, and everyone else ran away. We just captured those two."
"DAMMIT! Oh well... That’ll have to do."

Meanwhile, in the Badguys Resort and Diner, Sephiroth was still having problems getting the hyperactive Koffing from Lavender Version to realize this wasn’t a coffee house and was for villains only.
"KOFFEE KOFFEE JAVA JAVA!" the Koffing shouted, bouncing around the two giant bags of coffee beans he won. "OPEN OPEN! JAVA JAVA KOFFEE KOFFEE!"
"LVKOFFING is... HYPER!" Narrator 2 had dealt with Cid and Derth, but this Koffing was a bit much.
"OOOOOOOoo... RED TEXT THING!" Koffing bounded around the room. Sephiroth grabbed him and literally booted him out of the cafe.
"Lousy sea mines..." Sephiroth muttered.

"I’m beginning to feel this is more of a recap than a fanfiction..." Kageru put down the script of ‘The Darkpuff Saga’.
"I agree... This just doesn’t cut it for the Webmaster. 74 battles and he can’t write decent fanfiction," Blade said. At that, the Webmaster got annoyed and plunged the area into total darkness. "DAMMIT!"

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Written and Published by Sir_Chargon 8/2/2000
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