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About Phantom Version

Phantom Version is a fan work repository of the old style, harkening back to times before fanfiction.net dominated the medium. I'll host your fanmade PokéBattles and related content here.

How to Submit

For now, if you want to submit a battle or other work, send it to me at my e-mail address here, or send it to me over Discord.

For battles, use any filetype or format you like, so long as I can open it and you are clear about the player's identity, and what text is player text. Title and setting are optional. If there are none present I'll extrapolate from the battle itself.

If you want to submit in HTML format, you are welcome to use Foxfire's style.css file, and if your battle has particular CSS classes you want to use in addition to this, feel free to send those to me as well.

Also, whatever you create, please include your pen name and (optionally) a contact e-mail or other way to credit you (such as a fanfiction.net profile). These will be posted along with your work. You can remain anonymous if you prefer, but please say so in your submission email.


Fan battles and other works will be published weekly between Thursday and Saturday, roughly in order received, and not more than one per week per creator per medium type.

Accepted Content

All PokéBattles fan content of a reasonable size, including any and all battles both in standard and tournament style, fanfiction / fanfics (including war events), fan art, fan MIDI files, and other forms of content are accepted.

However, to maintain the feel of the site and manage my bandwidth, I can't host most high-res images, other large files, or media files outside the NeoCities filetype whitelist. If these are hosted elsewhere, I'll gladly link to them.

As far as content goes, try to keep it PG-13 or lower. Sexually explicit content will not be accepted.

However, as far as story content, anything goes. Continuity in Phantom Version is deliberately loose and fuzzy to the point of nonexistence. You are free to use characters from Foxfire Version proper as well as Phantom Version as you wish.

I reserve the right not to post or link any content at my own discretion.

Finally, by submitting content here, you agree to let me host any content so submitted, and you agree to let me use your content's characters in Foxfire Version, and let other Phantom Version authors use your content's characters in their own Phantom Version submissions. I will generally attempt to contact people before using their characters in official battles if they have supplied a means to do so.