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Amber Version: The PokéBattles Network Archive

What? AMBERVERSION is evolving!

Amber Version is a museum, a memory, a snapshot of what was in the past, in the early days of the Pokémon fandom.

In the olden days, there were many PokéBattles fansites. Now, to my knowledge, only mine remains active. Many of them went down when Geocities did, and, as of this writing, only a handful remain live on the web, though these as well are abandoned. Others survived by means of the Internet Archive's Wayback Machine (https://archive.org/web/). Amber Version was first designed as a comprehensive listing - to the best of my ability - of both those that survive on the net, and those that have been frozen in amber on the Internet Archive.

However, since then, I've been given access to much older and more complete backups of most of the PokéBattles network - and the mission of Amber Version has changed.

Local Archives

As of writing, I'm in the process of uploading every site I have archives of to the PokéBattles Foxfire host server. To the greatest extent possible, these will be kept in their original form; however, the goal is to present the sites here in as close to their original appearance as possible, and minor maintenance to the HTML code may be necessary for this (such as if a page does not display correctly or if links within the site or to other sites are broken).

>> The Big List <<

Online Archives

The Pokébattles Network itself, as it last was before can be found here. This was my original starting-point for seeking out lost Network websites and is itself of historical interest.

The Survivors

Of the 110+ network sites to have ever existed, I've found only 37 that still have some meaningful trace in the Wayback Machine and/or other internet archives. All of those I've found, I've documented in this section of the site.

The Lost

All other Versions have been lost. While they may or may not exist in the Internet Archive, or in the cases of those hosted off Geocities, even on the live web, the links to them are gone, and I personally have no way of retrieving them. Only their names, any references in the survivors, and my faded memories remain. To the best of my knowledge, these are all here. Update 12/6/2021: I've been given access to more archives. More information to come.

PokéBattles Timeline

This timeline, as of yet incomplete, is planned to summarize and document as much as possible about PokéBattles' story, in Red Version and all the surviving and referenced fan versions, in chronological order.

MIDI Archive

The old PokéBattles versions often included MIDI music of dubious origin. I've archived and documented all the MIDI music that all the versions I could find used, and reconstructed what I couldn't find. That can be found here.