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Here's the format I plan to keep to for Foxfire's battles.

Every week, I'm going to post one battle, either on Thursday, Friday, or Saturday. If I write more than one battle in a week, I'll hold them back so I have a buffer against burnout.

After every tenth battle, I'll post either a tournament event, or some other kind of event, such as a War Event - a combination of Pokébattles format and conventional writing in the vein of Aqua Version's old war events.

After every fiftieth battle, the tournament will be a competition to allow a dead character to return to life - or a fan character to ascend from Phantom Version, as Phantom Version is also Foxfire Version's afterlife. This will replace the normal tournament, but will happen in addition to special events like war events.

Generally speaking, the Narrator will refer to the player with a truncated name up to seven characters, and to Pokémon with names up to ten letters, using ALL CAPS. If it's funnier to ignore this rule, I'll ignore it. Moves and NPC names have no length limitations, but are still ALL CAPS.