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In the past, Poké Battles used MIDI music, either linked or embedded directly on the page. I will do the same.

Most modern browsers do not natively support MIDI files. Some browsers support extensions that will allow MIDI files to be played in browser. I personally use Jazz-Soft's MIDI player. Click "Download" in the top bar; to play MIDI files, you will need the MIDI player add-on for your browser, however, I also recommend installing the main plugin right above it, the Jazz-MIDI plugin below it, and the Web MIDI API below that if on Firefox or Safari.

If you don't want to install any browser plugins you can also download the MIDI files and run them in an external player of your choice.

Music drawn from Pokébattles fansites can be found sorted by source site over in the Amber Version music archive. Below are all tracks which I've collected for use on this site, along with source citations.

  • trmotto.mid: Team Rocket motto, from the Pokémon anime, taken from here. Further origin unknown.
  • mm2wood.mid: MM2Wood.mid, adaptation of Woodman's theme from Mega Man II by Capcom, taken from MidiShrine. Creator allegedly "'Mingo' Games, Ltd." based on the MIDI file's tracknames.