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The old websites sometimes maintained selections of MIDI music, which they would link or use as embeds in battles. I will do the same, and I'm going to store MIDIs I've either salvaged from the Internet Archive or found by searching their filenames here. Additionally, I'll make note of any files that are known to have existed but that I don't have copies of. E-mail me if you have any of these...

MIDIs will be sorted by site, and those that have been found by searching the filename will be marked with an *. There is no guarantee these are the right song. Lost MIDIs will be named but lack links, and instead have the filename next to the on-site title if they're different. MIDIs will be presented in the order they were in if there was an index on the original site, or otherwise, will be presented alphabetically.

I don't claim to own anything here and these MIDIs are stored and documented for historical purposes only. Many of the recovered midis were found in this repository. If you know anything about any of these songs' origins, including the artists who converted them to MIDI, please contact me with that information so I can add it.


battlesong.mid: Pokémon Red/Blue - Trainer Battle. The humble battlesong.mid appeared fairly early in Pokébattles Red, and appeared in at least Aqua and Emerald as well.

Red Version

FROG.MID*: Chrono Trigger - Frog's theme.
worldending.mid: Final Fantasy IV - Zeromus' battle.
(Sequenced by Andrew Thompson)

Aqua Version

battle2.mid*: Unknown origin. May not be the right song.
champions.mid: Queen - We Are The Champions.
FF-Battle01.mid: Final Fantasy 6 - Battle.
gymbattle.mid*: Pokémon Red/Blue - Gym Battle. May not be the right version.
holygrai.mid: Monty Python and the Holy Grail - fanfare.
pmusrockettheme.mid: Unknown origin (likely a Team Rocket theme, game or anime).

Armor Version

Adelante.mid: "Adelante!" by Sash (sequenced by Eddie Wong).

Emerald Version

"Pokémon" - see "battlesong.mid".
"Maniac": Unknown origin.
"Overworld" (z1overworld1.mid): Zelda 1 - Overworld (unknown MIDI artist).
"Stealth"*: Unknown origin.
"Action"*: Mega Man III - Shadow Man stage.
"Oriental"*: Unknown origin.
"Island" (ksswater.mid): Most likely Kirby Super Star - water.
"Ice Cave"*: Donkey Kong Country II: In A Snowbound Land.
"Volcano"*: Unknown origin.
"Castle" (maguspno.mid): Most likely Chrono Trigger - Magus' theme.
"Stars"*: Super Mario RPG - Culex Battle.
"Boss" (smithybattle1.mid): Super Mario RPG - Smithy Battle 1.
"Victory"*: Unknown origin.

Flame Version

Flame Version had relatively good documentation on its MIDI files to begin with and I've preserved it. All of Flame Version's MIDIs were, however, lost, so I've eschewed the asterisks, as all of these are recovered from external sources.

Breath of Fire

BoF Battle Music #2
BoF2 Battle Music

Chrono Cross

Chrono Cross Boss Music - ccboss.mid

Chrono Trigger

CT Black Omen - ct_blkomen.mid
CT Epoch's Theme
CT Magus Battle Theme


Castlevania 4 - Stage 4:2

Final Fantasy

(Note: "Final Fantasy II" here refers to the US release of the game later rereleased as Final Fantasy IV.)
FF1 Battle Music
FF1 Cave Area
FF1 Floating Castle
FF1 Gurgu Volcano
FF1 Matoya's Cave
FF1 Matoya's Cave (remix)
FFII Battle Music
FFII Final Battle Music - ff2finbat.mid
FFIII (Japan) Battle Music
FFVI Boss Music
FFVII Battle Arena Music - ff7arena.mid
FFVII Battle Music
FFVII Bike Music - ff7bike.mid
FFVII Bizaro Battle Music - ff7bizaro.mid
FFVII Bombing Stage Music - ff7bomb.mid
FFVII Boss Music
FFVII Jenova Battle Music - ff7jenova.mid
FFVIII Battle Music
FFVIII Boss Music
FFVIII Laguna Battle Music - ff8laguna.mid
FFVIII "Manoeuver" - ff8manoeuver.mid
FFVIII "Nemesis" - ff8nemesis.mid

Lunar 1/SSSC

Lunar 1 Boss Music
Lunar 1 Final Battle

Parasite Eve

Parasite Eve Battle Music - pebattle.mid

Suikoden 2

S2 - Battle with Neclord