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All the Versions here are known to have existed as websites sometime in the past; however, they have fallen off the face of the internet. Most of these simply did not have their link pages on the original Poké Battles network saved in the Internet Archive, and as such, without their URLs, their fate is impossible to determine. These are The Potentially Salvageable. Others are known to have not been archived in any loction I have found so far. These are The Truly Lost.

Due to unforeseen circumstances, the contents of this page are in flux. A large number of versions remain in existence in an archived folder I've recently been given access to. It will take some time to transfer all of these to a state where they can be viewed, but their names are being moved to the Survivors in the meantime.

The Potentially Salvageable

The versions named below might or might not exist on the Internet Archive, but their link pages on the main network page were preserved either too late or not at all. A handful of versions formerly on this list have, however, been discovered by following links from other archived versions or exploring Internet Archive pages on the same domains as them. Furthermore, a large number of versions on this list are present in an additional archive that has not yet been fully uploaded. For more information see here for the time being.

  • Chocolate Version
  • Chrome Version
  • Corn Version
  • Cow Version
  • Desert Version
  • Diamond Version by Jin
  • Forest Version
  • Grape Version
  • Gray Version
  • Ice Version by Kira
  • Lilac Version
  • Lunar Version co-written by Rarr / Fou-Lu and TriggerHappy / jpg
  • Mud Version
  • Opal Version
  • Pallet Version
  • Rain Version
  • Rune Version
  • ShadowX Version by Chargon - possibly one and the same with Shadow Version, and not found on the network.
  • Shell Version
  • Silver Version by Treesock
  • Snow Version
  • Tan Version
  • Topaz Version
  • Tornado Version
  • Violet Version
  • Water Version
  • Zap Version

The Truly Lost

These versions are truly lost. Little to no trace of what they once were remains on the Internet Archive. If they're saved anywhere, it's on their webmasters' computers, or else on other internet archival projects. They are linked here as best possible, nonetheless.

At this point, no sites exist that meet these conditions, pending deeper analysis of the above.