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The version name links here will be to the Internet Archive stored version of the page - if, by a miracle, the site is still live on the net, a link there will also be provided. To the best of my ability, version authors will be credited by the names given on their own sites, or if that is not available, elsewhere.

Different sites are intact to different degrees, thanks to the diversity of webhosts used.

  • Live means that the version is miraculously still present on the live web.
  • Intact means that the version, to the extent of my knowledge, is fully preserved on the Internet Archive, but is no longer live on the web. Intactness refers to the battles themselves; other site content such as images or sound may be lost.
  • Coherent means that the version has gaps in its archives where battles or other major site content were lost, but is largely preserved and its progression can be followed.
  • Fragmented means that the version has significant gaps in its archives where major events are missing.
  • Bare Bones means none of the site's battles are intact and only parts of the layout are intact.
  • Lost means that no content remains. This is usually for subversions of major versions.
  • Undetermined means that I don't have enough information to determine the version's fate.

Official Versions

Poké Battles by Jason Ross

The original Poké Battles website is fragmented on the Wayback Machine, but the battles themselves were by and large preserved as part of Poké Battles: 10th Anniversary Edition. The site had the following subsections:

  • Red Version by Jason Ross: Red Version is coherent, I believe. There are problems with some of the links due to "pokebattles.com" often being used in URLs in place of "geocities.com/chronopublish/pokemon" and in general there are some lost pages.
  • Blue Version by MrKite15 and many others: Blue Version is, miraculously, intact. Blue Version contains all the fan-written battles from the first incarnation of Pokébattles.
  • Red Version (Alternate): This appears to be a partially complete mirror of Red and Blue Versions at a different URL. I don't know the origin of this. It is fragmented, being less complete than Red Version and Blue Version above, but contains interesting archived pages including an archive of an old form of Blue Version called "Unofficial Battles".
  • Green Version by various authors: Green Version was live battles held over ICQ, that in some cases tied into the plots of their respective authors' Versions. Particularly, Green Version resulted in the release of the Evil Rabid Jigglypuff of Doom onto Aqua Version. It is intact. At an older time, Green Version represented tournaments; these were later rolled into Red and Blue versions.
  • Yellow Version (Old) by Jason Ross: The older form of Yellow Version consisted of a game of sorts, where "Rare Battles" were hidden elsewhere on the site like needles in a haystack. The first three rare battles can be found here. I believe Yellow as a whole is fragmented as I frankly can't find the rest, searching through Archive.org's archived pages.
  • Yellow Version (New) by various: The newer form of Yellow Version was the Pokébattles forums. The entire forum is lost but the landing page leading to it is intact.
  • Neon: Neon was the successor to Green Version, a large scale Live Battle tournament that was held sometime after Doompuff's Rampage. It is fragmented with many battles lost.
  • Pokébattles Support by Ithius: I don't know what this was and it's too late to learn - it is lost. Allegedly, it contained more information on the format.
  • Pokébattles Network by many authors: The network contained over a hundred Pokébattles fansites. It is fragmented with its main page and about a third of its link pages being intact.
  • Links: The Pokébattles Links page.

Poké Battles: 10th Anniversary Edition by Ditto and others

A tragically short-lived attempt to revive Pokébattles from 2009, currently live on the net in an archived and inactive form.

  • Diamond Version (authors undetermined): Nominally the attempt to resurrect the site, Diamond Version had only one update, two battles. It is live.
  • Pearl Version by various authors: Pearl Version contained the three fanbattles that were submitted before the site died again. It is live.
  • Platinum Version: This contained the resurrected Pokébattles forums. However, it's fragmented. It is technically live here as an archive, but the live archived version is bare bones with no threads saved.
  • Sapphire Version: Sapphire Version was the #pokebattles IRC chat and a Mibbit client to access it. The Mibbit client doesn't work on the Internet Archive. It is live, though there's no guarantee anyone is there.
  • Red Version by Jason Ross: Red Version is an archive of the same battles as Red Version above. Unlike the above, it is live and intact.
  • Blue Version by various authors: Blue Version is an archive of the same battles as Blue Version above. Unlike the above, it is live.
  • Yellow Version: Yellow Version is an archive of the Pokébattles forums above. It is live but bare bones - only the thread names have survived.
  • Silver Version by various authors: Silver Version is an archive of perhaps the most successful attempt to revive the Pokébattles format to date, Pokébattles Advance. This may or may not get its own section later, but for now, know it contains six versions, all live on the net.

Network Fansites

Live on the Net

In at least some form, the network sites below are still live on the web. Links are provided along with the Archive.org links.

  • Armor Version by Legendary Dragona: Hosted on Angelfire, Armor Version remains live on the net.
  • Black Version by Double D: Black Version was referenced by Red Version as the latter's afterlife. As of writing, the site has not been adequately archived, but as of writing is live on the internet. While the website's layout is slightly broken-looking on my browser, it remains entirely usable.
  • Blood Version by Metalmike: Blood Version used Angelfire for its host, and is live on the internet.
  • Electric Version by Draca: Electric used Angelfire as its host and is live on the internet, but the live version has had its index page removed and replaced with one announcing the site's closure. Copypasting URLs reveals that all the archives are still up. As the oldest archived link page goes to a version of the site that is unnavigable, I have linked directly to an intact archived version of the site.
  • Sapphire Version by Meweight: Sapphire Version is live on the internet. It didn't use color coding for its player/narrator differentiation.


The network sites below are preserved intact, with at least all their official battles and other story content.

  • Azure Version by Azure Insomniac: Following the adventures of Fred and home of the Evil Eevee, Azure Version is fully intact on the Internet Archive.
  • Bananaskin Version by Ciaran Hamilton: A short-lived version of 8 battles, Bananaskin Version is fully intact on the Internet Archive.
  • Bronze Version - Older by Charizard: Bronze Version appeared in at least two different forms, of which this is the older. The version itself is intact. There is a broken link to the author's main website, of which the version was a subpage, but the site is preserved and can be accessed by fiddling with what page is linked to in the Internet Archive.
  • Celery Version by Ninetales: This was the second incarnation of Celery Version, also known as Neo Celery Version. The site went down before the archive of the network link page was made, so I have linked to it directly. Ninetales (no relation) was also the author of Lithium Version.
  • Dark Version by PyroDrakos: Dark Version was one of the more notable sites on the network and is fully intact on the Internet Archive. Initially run by Team Rocket, it later served as a land of the dead after the collapse of Black Version.
  • Gold Version by Koushiro: Gold Version is notable for having stuck it out to the end of the network; in the last update of the official network page, excerpts from Gold Version's last battle are present.
  • Illumina Version by illumina7286: The site itself is intact although some images are missing. The Oocities version of this site retains the lost images. The link page was not preserved and the URL of the site was retrieved via OoCities.
  • Lavender Version by Ditto: One of the more notable sites, Lavender sported some 45 battles and that rarity of rarities in fanfiction, a deliberate ending. Some of the extra content is lost, but all its battles are intact.
  • Magenta Version by DragonEspeon: With six battles, this site appears to be intact.
  • Plaid Version by Digger(?): This incarnation of Plaid Version is entirely intact. Note that this is an older incarnation of Plaid Version that was discontinued and replaced - a later incarnation existed at one point and is now lost.
  • Sandy Version by Haunter_UK / Sandy Version Webmaster: This version is intact, but the images and some of the links in its archive pages are broken. Its fan battles are lost, but they appear to have actually belonged to a different version anyway. The link page is gone, so this links to the site directly. A severely fragmented mirror of the site, but one that shows slightly better how it appeared in its peak, can be found here.
  • Storm Version by MrKite15, DoomSheep, Duo: Storm Version was co-written by the authors of Liquid, Cloud, and Crystal Versions. The link page did not survive, so I've linked to its location directly.
  • Turqoise Version by Landon / Seryph, older versions co-written by Threedark: This version's archive and extras links don't work but it appears to only have had one battle written anyway. This is at least the second incarnation of the version. Older versions are lost; it is possible they were present in the aforementioned lost archives.


The network sites below are preserved, but are missing battles or other official story content. Nonetheless, enough remains to follow their storylines (if applicable).

  • Aqua Version by EricMHE: The very first Pokébattles fansite, Aqua Version is the origin of the infamous Evil Rabid Jigglypuff of Doom and all the horror that went along with it, and one of the most notable fan versions overall. Aqua Version is missing a significant portion of its battles, particularly some of its fanfics and most of its third War Event, which in its day provided the only true end to the Evil Rabid Jigglypuff of Doom.
  • Crimson Version by CrimsonKing: One of the more noteworthy Versions, Crimson is readable - some battles are, however, missing.
  • Emerald Version by Andre and Zchangu: Emerald Version is mostly intact, but missing all of its fan battles. It's one of the longer surviving versions, with over 80 battles.
  • Flame Version by Flashfire / Mattchu: Flame Version was one of the most notable versions and a personal favorite of mine. Battle #41 (which as I recall involved a gag with a Phoenix Down used in battle, casting auto-revive on itself as its final attack, and yielding 1 EXP every time it was knocked out as a means of level grinding) and the site's MIDI files are not present, but the rest of the version, and its incorporated fan version, Persian Version, are intact. The version is fully intact in the archives.
  • Frost Version by Articuno: This is the second incarnation of Frost Version, and five of its six battles plus its one fan battle are intact.
  • Teal Version by Andre: This site is missing its fan battles and images - the official battles are all present, though all are on the front page itself. The site went down before the archive of the network link page was made, so I have linked to it directly.


The network sites below are preserved, but missing a substantial amount of their official content.

  • Amethyst Version by Janet Doyle: Only two pages of Amethyst Version remain. The site went down before the archive of the network link page was made, so I have linked to it directly.
  • Bronze Version - Newer by Sir Charmy: This is the newer preserved Bronze Version. Only the front page and some images survive.
  • Cinnabar Version by CrimsonKing and Dacta: Cinnabar Version was co-written by the authors of White and Crimson Versions. Sadly, all of its battles save the one on the front page and Fan Battle #2 are lost.
  • Cloud Version by Toby / DoomSheep: This is a revival site, and one less thorough than others on this page. Although the saved Cloud Version appears to be intact, it has a broken archive link on the page itself, which may have been broken by the ravages of time before it was crawled by the Wayback Machine.
  • Crystal Version by Kaseki(?) / Duo: This was at least the second incarnation of Crystal Version. It had five battles; three survive, and the site's older archives do not. The site went down before the archive of the network link page was made, so I have linked to it directly. At least one incarnation of Crystal Version was also co-authored by Rockman / Kirby of the lost Rainbow Version
  • Indigo Version by Ithius: This site's link page did not survive. I was able to find it on the same domain as the lost Pokébattles Support.
  • Lime Version - Newer by DJ Scribbles: The site's main page seems to be gone but the images, the site's appearance, and one of its six battles are preserved.
  • Liquid Version by MrKite15: Liquid was one of the more notable network sites. The site's navigation is largely broken so I recommend the use of the Archive.org index of the site located here.
  • Metal Version - Older by MetalGyarados: The site appears to be partially intact with a meaningful amount of battles, fanfics, and specials intact - but my browser will not display the archived pages. The source code of such pages can still be viewed. Because of this significant problem, I've linked to the archive.org wildcard search page for the site, which will allow all archived pages to be seen, and is therefore more navigable than any link to the archived pages directly.
  • Neon Version by Jolteon88811: Neon Version sports one intact battle out of sixteen written.
  • Ocean Version by Squirtle400: Ocean Version was one of the more notable fansites, being featured in a crossover from Red Version during one of the revival fanfics, and is notable for having had 199 battles. Tragically, all but the last four of these are lost. The site is severely fragmented with only its front page and the four battles on it remaining.
  • Viridian Version by That Zarbon Guy: This site had 47 battles, and about half its pages are still present.
  • Wave Version by MrKite15, Diggeroney, and Haunter_UK, with additional voicework from the PokéBattles community: Wave Version is singularly unique among versions as its six battles were in audio format. Only one survives, Battle 1, and only in lossless format. The encoding is .ape, or Monkey's Audio Format, so have a suitable player ready. VLC Media Player can play it out of the box.

Bare Bones

The network sites below are devoid of almost all of their content, typically with only one or two pages preserved, and no readable battles at all.

  • Dust Version (author unidentified): Very little of Dust Version remains - its main page and basic layout. The site went down before the archive of the network link page was made, so I have linked to it directly.
  • Lime Version - Older by Scribe: Only the front page of the site remains, with no battles at all.

To Be Uploaded

I have recently received a number of sites that were archived by Domingo / Diggeroney of Plaid Version and preserved until now and given to me by Duo / Kaseki of Crystal Version. This is a much more thorough archive than that stored on the Internet Archive and is of small size; I'm going to attempt to upload them into Amber Version and subsequently fix any broken HTML, though this will take time. The total is around 100 MB.

The network sites below are directly copied from "The Lost" pending analysis and reupload. They are intact but can't be viewed yet, pending their upload to Amber Version. Versions marked (2001) are archives from 2001.

  • Brown Version
  • Cerulean Version
  • Chill Version
  • Citrus Version
  • Clear Version
  • Cold Version
  • Cottoncandy Version by The Green Shyguy
  • Cyan Version
  • Digital Version by Comic-san
  • Eclipse Version
  • Fungus Version
  • Ghost Version co-written by Haunter_UK
  • Goldenrod Version
  • Ground Version by TriggerHappy / jpg
  • Holy Version
  • Iron Version
  • Jade Version by Psykloak
  • Leprechaun Version
  • Light Version by RobbyMVP / Silence
  • Lithium Version by Ninetales
  • Midnight Version (2001)
  • Moonlight Version co-written by Deb and Skyler
  • Nazgul Version
  • Night Version by Wakuseino
  • Nightmare Version possibly by KB
  • Orange Version by Russ
  • Pink Version
  • Platinum Version
  • Pumpkin Version
  • Quartz Version
  • Radioactive Version
  • Rainbow Version by Rockman / Kirby
  • Ruby Version by Deb
  • Rusty Version co-written by Comic-san
  • Shadow Version (2001)
  • Sky Version
  • Sloth Version by Sloth / Chris
  • Strawberry Version
  • Surf Version
  • Transparent Version by Joeno
  • Ultraviolet Version
  • White Version (2001)
  • Wildfire Version
  • Wood Version

The following sites previously believed to be completely lost are also present in that archive in some form:

  • Metal Version by DivineDragoonKain: Metal Version is completely lost preserved in another archive with only a single image file being present on the Internet Archive. (Archive 2004)
  • Purple Version by Shadowstar_Freakboy: Purple Version is completely lost preserved as it was in 2001. The rest of its author's website is somewhat preserved but falls outside the scope of this project. (Archive 2001)
  • Slime Version co-written by Scribe and Sloth / Christ: Slime Version was not archived at all by the Internet Archive. (Archive 2004)
  • (Neo) Wind Version by Skyler: Sadly, this version does not appear to have been archived until after the GeoCities takedown. Partially intact. (Archive 2004)

Other Fansites

  • Worm Version by MISSINGNOLEADER: Not a site of the network, but nonetheless live on the internet, this was a forum-based revival of the format.