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Battle16: Prepare for trouble!

Player: Brandon

??????:Prepare for trouble!
?????: Make it double!
It's Super effective!
No! Stop it! No one wants to read the motto!
?????? attack continues!
??????: To protect the world from devestation!
?????: To unite all peoples within our nation!
Nooo, The webmasterís not gonna like this!
??????: To denounce the evils of truth and love!
?????: To extend our reach to the stars above!
This is not good! Will you please stop it with
the question marks! We all already know who it is!
Jessie: Jessie
James: James
Webmaster appeared!
Jessie&James: Team rocket blast off at the speed of light!
Jessie&James: Surrender now or prepare to fight!
Webmaster is infuriated!
Webmaster is really Mad!
Iím getting out of here!
Narrator left the building!
Oh sure, Just because youíre a narrator you get
to make up a fancy way to run away!
I guess Iíll have to take over!
Kita: Fat chance! Iím the narrator!
Kita: Webmaster is glowing!
Glowing?! Thatís strange.
Kita: Webmaster used
Jessie&James: Weíre blasting off again!
Kita: Webmasterís Attack continues!
Kita: Webmaster Disappeared!
Kita: Narrator appeared!
Narrator: Gimme that!
Kita: hey!
Narrator took the microphone!
Um, what microphone! Itís just a disembodied
Kita: That was weird, The microphone just jumped
out of my hand and vanished!
Am I missing something here? What Microphone!
Brandon is confused!
Brandon hurt itself in its confusion!
About time! Iíve been trying to set up that
joke since the beginning of the battle!
Narrator is confused!
Narrator beat-
Kita: Narrator hurt itself in itís confusion!
Hey stop that!! Iíll get you for this, in the next battle!
Kita: Youíre all talk and no action!
Thanks, but how come you can narrate the battle?
Loophole appeared!
Kita: A loop hole, Iíve heard that this version contains more
loopholes than any other!
Watch it! Youíll anger the great and almighty
Kita: You mean thereís more than one?!!! How
would I anger them anyway?
Great Webmaster appeared!
Almighty Webmaster appeared!
Illumina Version Webmaster appeared!
IV Webmaster: youíre in for It nowÖ.
Great Webmaster: You have angered I and the almighty webmaster!
Um, how did we do that? We were saying stuff
about the Illumina version.
Great Webmaster: Oh, is that so?
Almighty webmaster: I guess weíll go then.
Great Webmaster disappeared!
Almighty Webmaster disappeared!
How come the Illumina Version webmaster is
sometimes called just webmaster, and other times heís called
IV Webmaster, and even more times he says his full name!
IV webmaster: Because I feel that a
controversial view and blah blah blah, technical jargon you
canít possibly understand and a blahdebladheblah.
Itís super boring!
Brandon fainted!
Webmasterís attack continues!
Kita fainted!
Webmasters attack continues!
Innocent bystanders fainted!
Webmasters at-
Webmaster: oops, looks like I fainted the narrator and everyone
else by accident.
Webmaster: Hello?
By illumina@graalmail.com

Battle17: A dream? or reality?

Player: Kita

Oh no! I 'm the player!
Brandon: I feel sorry for you, The narrator's job is to torment the player with his insane jokes and stuff!
I said I'd get you back!
Darn it! I should have let brandon get beaten up!
Brandon: Well, We can't stand around here all day. Nothing will happen if we just stand around.
That's it! We'll just stand around!
Brandon: You know we can't do that! That evil looking jigglypuff that was foaming at the mouth near that wierd portal to aqua version nearly killed your Mewtwo! We've got to find a pokemon center! Nearest ones celadon city!
I can't come!
Brandon: You chicken! I lasted nearly 16 battles as the player! and you can't even handle one battle!
Brandon: I know the narrator's style! By now he's about to force us to move!
Wild giant Moltres appeared!
Moltres is chasing you!
Yah! To celadon city! Quick!
Brandon and kita are running!
Moltres is glowing!
Brandon and kita are nearly at celadon city!
Moltres is about to use sky dive!
Brandon and kita are in celadon city!
Moltres used sky dive!
Moltres missed!
Moltres Slammed into a building!
Moltres fainted!
Building is angry!
Building wants to fight!
Yeah! And just what kind of a pokemon is a building gonna have!
Building sent out landlord!
Sorry I asked!
Who'd he attack?
No one in particular!
Building withdrew Landlord!
That looked wierd.
Brandon: What did?
Will you stop watching that portable TV!
Building sent out angry sleep deprived tennants!
They don't look too good.
angry sleep deprived tennents used complain!
It's super effective!
Uh oh I forgot to send out a pokemon!
angry sleep deprived tennents attack continues!
Go Charizard!
angry sleep deprived tennents attack continues!
What! I can't send out charizard because of those tennants!
angry sleep deprived tennents attack continues!
Let me try again. Go Charizard!
angry sleep deprived tennents attack continues!
This is cheap!
angry sleep deprived tennents attack continues!
This is a stupid way to fill up space in a battle!
It's super effective!
Webmaster is interested!
Webmaster: Stop!
Webmaster used Change reality!
It's Super Cool Looking!

New player: Brandon
*yawn* What a dream I had, I dreamed that you were the player, and a whole lotta other stuff happened.
Kita: Yeah right! Like that would happen!
By illumina@graalmail.com

Battle18: Jiggly-Trouble

Player: Jake

That's Cheap, The webmaster just put my name in, he didn't mention my credentials n stuff, *ahem* I am jake! Leader of the animorphs, Killer of many yeerks! Need I go on?
DoomPuff appeared!
Hey you didn't answer my question!
What's a doompuff!
I'm not going to say anything except that I'm very scared of him so i'm not going to say anything.
Doompuff: rabid puff... jiggly doom of of puff ~Wise choice~ I will annihalate you last!
Doom puff is angry!
The webmaster made 17 battles without even mentioning doompuff!
Doompuff: the webmaster will be the first to submit to me! After I annihalate this kid over here.
My name is Jake!
Doompuff wants to fight!
Doompuff sent out doompuff!
You can send out yourself?! ok then, Go jake!
Doompuff:You catch on fast. Prepare to die!
The enemy is an invincible ball of helium! Go jake!
Jake Used Aquire!
Doompuff used bite hand off!
Doompuff is gnawing at your hand!
Ow, ow, ow, bad, ow, move, ow rabid, ow jigglypuff, ow of doom, ow.
Jake used acquire!
Jake is acquiring Doompuff!
For once, DoomPuff is calm!!!!!!!!!!!
Other animorphs appeared!
Hey! acquire him, then morph!
Other animorphs acquired doompuff!
Jake and others used morph!
What! Jake and others are evolving!
Jake and others evolved into 5 Doompuff!
OriginalDoompuff was renamed!
OriginalDoompuff was renamed to Rabidpuff!
RabidPuff used amnesia!
Ha! I've played the game! all that that does is increase your special!
Animorphs lost memory!
huh? who? What? When? Where? Why? How?
Rabidpuff: Brother doompuff! We have a version to take over!
Rabidpuff used Brainwash!
It's super effective!
yes, I remember now, I am a doompuff. I am going to take over the red version.
Other animorphs: Yes, we are doompuff!
Portal appeared!
Rabidpuff: Where does it lead?
It..leads... to.. cloning..center.. of .. illumina..version!
Rabidpuff has an idea!
Doompuffs were cloned!
10 times each!
Cloning machine broke down!
Rabidpuff: So how many is that, let's see carry the one and add the 2, um, 50 not including me, and my 10 clones!

New Player: Brandon

Hey kita, what do you think that big cloud of dust n stuff rapidly coming toward us, and is leaving a path of destruction behind it is?
Kita: Doompuffs!! It's an army of doompuffs!
doompuffs, huh, arent those destructive beasts of death back in the aqua version?
Kita:YES!!! run, what are you waiting for?!
Kita ran away!
Their teeth wont be able to get through my body of steel!
Their saliva can burn through the toughest of materials!
okay, um I guess that would be a reason to run!
Can't escape!
Darnit! wasted too much time attempting to stare death in the face!
Death appeared!
I just had to open my big yap!
Doompuffs are 10ft away!
Death is 9ft away!
Be afraid! Be very Afraid!
By illumina@graalmail.com

Battle19: Team Rocket trys it again!

Player: James

Jessie, look at that jigglypuff. it looks pretty strong. Maybe we should capture it.
Jessie: Let's go.
We'll capture it before it even knows what's going on.
Jigglypuff turned around!
Jigglypuff was renamed!
Jigglypuff was renamed to Doompuff!
Ahhhh!, I read Battle 18! I thought they were chasing that twerp!
This ones a stray!
Run jessie! run for your life!
huh? Jessie? ah! Stop trying to bite her head off!
James used pull!
It's not very effective!
James used fling!
Jigglypuff was flung off of jessie and landed 40 ft away!
Jessie: Thanks james. eeeeek! My hair! That Doompuff ate it all!
Doompuff is advancing!
Doompuff is 10 ft. away!
Ellimist appeared!
Ellimist?! Oh yeah! I remember them from the animorphs!
Ellimist wants to fight!
Can't he see we're sort of busy!
Ellimist wants to fight the doompuff!
oh, well that's different.
Doompuff is impatient!
Ellimist wants to fight!
Doompuff wants to kill!
Ellimist wants to destroy!
um, when are they actually going to fight?
Jessie: *sob* My hair! My beautiful hair! I'll get that doompuff for this!
Doompuff is scared!
It's super effective!
Doompuff was utterly annihalated and flung at the ground, and generally beat up and destroyed!
Doompuff got up!
Doompuff used Jiggly-Death!
aah! no! not a corny rip off move!
Jessie: yah!
I can't help it! "That's very disturbing."
James' dignity greatly fell!
doompuff used death beam!
We're blasting off again!

New player: Ellimist
Go Ellimist!
Ellimist sent out ellimist!
Doompuff sent out doompuff!
You think you can destroy the great and almighty ellimist!
Ellimist is Great and almighty!
All his stats greatly rose!
Ellimist knows what the capital of florida is!
Hey! That doesn't have anything to do with pokebattles! This site probably lost about 10 readers just now!
Yeah, I know but the Illumina Version webmaster pays me 20 bucks for every extra line I make. And all of the sights that are in competition with the illumina version give me 20 dollars for every reader this site loses!
It's a good deal!
Really! Maybe I should go into the narrator business, I may be great and almighty but we all could use a few bucks here and there.
Doompuff is tired of being ignored!
Doompuff went first!
Ellimist missed his turn!
Doompuff used pay-up!
Narrator recieved 30 bucks!
What?! The doompuff paid you to make me miss my turn?! Didn't he! You little traitor!
Ellimist missed his turn!
Doompuffs stats are always twice as high as yours!
Ellimist is dying!
*cough* *hack* You'll be sorry for this! *hack ack!* My brothers will get you for this!
Ellimist is dead!
This death seems sadder than all the others.

New player: Doompuff

You don't scare me!
I'm stronger than any of your brothers!
Ellimist tribe appeared!
I'll kill em all!
There is an infinite number of ellimists!
Ellimist ghost appeared!
Ellimist ghost: I bet you didn't know that the ellimist tribe had an uncountable number of members!
By illumina@graalmail.com

Battle20: Doompuff's not completely invincible!

Player: Doompuff

Ellimist Tribe:You will be Elliminated!
It's not very effective!
Mere puns won't hurt me!
Ellimist Tribe used summon!
Ellimist tribe summoned Joe!
Joe huh, I think I remember him from somewhere.
Joe used De-evolution spray!
Yargggh!!! now I remember him he was in a fanfic!
Go to the main site and read the fanfic: Versions collide!
No, not an ad!
I just got 50 bucks for referring visitors to the main pokebattles site!
Big deal there's a red version button on the side anyway!
What? Doompuff is de-evolving!
Doompuff de-evolved into Superpuff!
I'm faster than speeding bullet, I can leap tall buildi-
Enemy Joe's Attack continues!
What? Superpuff is De-evolving!
Superpuff De-evolved into Bigglymuff!
mmm, I have a craving for a human snack, must find someone that is reading their pokedex.
Can't escape!
oops I mean shoot!
What? Bigglymuff is de-evolving!
Bigglymuff de-evolved into Wigglytuff!
Wiggly! wiggly! Tuff!
What? Wigglytuff is De-evolving!
Wigglytuff de-evolved into Jigglypuff!
When is this going to end!
What? Jigglypuff is De-evolving!
Please no!!!!
Jigglypuff de-evolved into zigglyguff!
getting weak... Can't take it anymore!
What? Zigglyguff is de-evolving!
Zigglyguff de-evolved into Micropuff!
Enemy Joe missed!
Micropuff ran away!

New Player: Brandon

Run! Run! Run!
The doompuffs are gone!
What happened to them?!
They went back to take revenge on the Ellimist tribe and Joe for turning one of them into a micropuff!
Oh, Ouch!
Micropuff appeared!
Ouch! That thing bit me!
Brandon is infected!
Brandon needs antidote, badly!
Kita used Antidote!
*Gasp* *pant* whew! barely survived that one! thanks kita!
I'll get that micropuff for this!
Micropuff: hahhahahhahahaha!
Micropuff ran away!
I mean dang!
By illumina@graalmail.com

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