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Below you will find all the battles and tournaments I've written with my own hands for Foxfire Version. Completeness guaranteed, quality not.


Battles 1-5: Revival

The first battles ever written for Foxfire Version. These were in some cases a deliberate echo of the first battles of Red Version.

Battles 6-10: Part 2

These battles were dense with sequels and follow-ups to the first five.

Tournament 1

Lake Monster vs. Vulpix vs. Pirate vs. Twitter.

Battles 11-15: Urban Space

Battles 11-15 saw the first appearance of Sam Excavator, further developments of Pirate, and other things.

Battles 16-20: Villainous Rising

Battles 16-20 saw expansion of Team Rocket's agenda as well as Terra's development into something other than a background gag.

Tournament 2

Harry Potter vs. Vulpix, Ray vs. Sam Excavator.

Battles 21-25: Rocket Rumblings

With the first fanfic planend and on its way, Team Rocket's plans steadily accelerated. The first Halloween Battle took place in this time.

Battles 26-30: Emergences

Garry Kasparov emerges from the depths of time, warped and changed by memetic mutation. Team Rocket's plans progress, reaching a critical point.

Fanfic 1: Rocket Ascension

Team Rocket's plans have reached a critical point, while Sam Excavator and NAHman team up in a desperate attempt to stop or at least understand them.


Battles 31-35: Rocket Rampage, Act I

Team Rocket, with new power gained since the fanfic, has gone on a rampage, stealing Christmas and causing havoc.

Battles 36-40: Rocket Rampage, Act II

While others are distracted with Buried Alive and marine things, Team Rocket's rampage proceeds.

Tournament 3

Vulpix vs. Jane F. Deer vs. James (from Team Rocket) vs. Giovanni, in a decisive battle that will shape the Version.

Battles 41-45: Battle for the Version

In the largest battle Foxfire Version has seen to date, Murdermime dukes it out with half the version, and Mew shows itself. Meanwhile, Bowser emerges.

Battles 46-50: Ode to PokéBattles

In the midst of the world's battles with Team Rocket and their Doompuff spinoffs, Hiber struggles with writer's block, and is visited by three ghosts for the anniversary. Meanwhile, Battle #50 hits, and someone has to come back from the dead...

Battles 51-55: World Ending

The end rapidly nears. Team Rocket awoke something terrible in their quest to create the world's strongest Pokémon, and as Foxfire Version's first anniversary approached, it showed itself.

War Event #1: Apocalypse from the Past

Team Rocket and the Foxfire Resistance gear up for a battle to the end, but something much more sinister approaches to bring the world itself to an end.

Battles 56-60: Into the Abyss

The new state of Foxfire Version asserts itself, with a collection of filler battles and plot battles. Terra begins reasserting his role in this strange, new world.

Battles 61-65: The Bug Battles

The Bug Battles. A series of battles where a fly in my own room unintentionally infests Foxfire Version with bugs.

Battles 66-70: Cinematography

Most of the set of battles here were based on movies or television in some way or another. Sam Excavator returns. Terra's plans advance.

Battles 71-75: Darkness Resurging

As Halloween 2022 approached Battles 71-75 saw dark forces surge from long (and not-so-long) forgotten places...

Battles 76-80

Battles 81-85

Battles 86-90: The Seven Battle War Begins

Battles 86-90 saw the prelude to, and first battle of, the Seven Battle War.

Battles 91-95: The Seven Battle War

Battles 91-95 saw the Seven Battle War rage, while setting up another climactic showdown as well.

Battles 96-100: Underground Rising

Fanfic 2: Creation Crisis