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This site's Storyline mainly takes place around A 15 year-old kid named Brandon and
his friend Kita who used to be a pikachu but is now a human. To find out more about Brandon, Kita, and all the other characters, goto the Non-Existant Character biographies section that I havent created yet.
Update Rate: I update every Saturday before 10:00 PM at the earliest or at the very latest before 10:00 PM on Sunday.

News: I am temporarily going on hiatus until school is over (around Mid June to early July). I am unable to concentrate properly on writing pokebattles as long as school is there to distract me so until school ends I will not be updating the illumina Version.
News (as of October '02): Off Hiatus, kinda... I no longer want to write illumina version battles, so I'm making a new version and discontinuing this one. I wrote 9 battles over summer, unfortunately due to some... difficulties, I have only been able to find 2 of them. Those 2 begin but fail to end a new story-line. Once I find the remaining ones the end of that new story-line can be read. additionally, another story-line starts up on the lost (duh-duh-duh!) erm... battles, but is never finished, and I don't have any intentions of ever finishing it. I will put up those other 2 battles on this site on a seperate page here. Enjoy. In the mean-time I'm going to set up the new version as well as settle some naming questions... once ezboard goes back up anyway. In case you were wondering I'm thinking of naming it something like Tempest, Arcane, or Tempestral. Something along those lines. just need to find out if the names are ok by the name guide-lines. heh.


illumina Version feedback board

Welcome to the illumina Version!

Battle 51
Title: A new breed of illumina narration... OR Mad Science 101

Player: none
Location: illumina Version Laboratory
Narrator: Narrator(MHE)

illumina Webmaster appeared!
Come narrator... you are to take part in a hideous scientific experiment!
Cool! can I hold the scalpel?
erm... sure... say... would you mind inhaling some of this knockout gas?
Narrator thinks!
It's not very effective...
Narrator inhaled Knockout gas!
Narrator feels woozy!
Narrator fainted!
Hours pass...
The narrator awakens in a confused state...
Narrator is confused!
The narrator finds himself in an evolved form of himself...
What? Narrator is evolving!
Narrator Evolved into Narrator!
He finds himself confused in a new form... his manner of speech, his style of thought drastically changed. The narrator soon learns that his text color has changed...
The one who was called narrator looked around him, surprised and befuddled by his new state. His font color changed, the narrator was full of questions. There was only one who knew the answers to his interrogative statements. However he would have to ask him delicately and in a most subtle manner lest he risk deletion.
What the freakin' hell did you freakin' do to me you freakin' idiot?!?!
... hahahaha... finally I have done what no other version could... I have created a story Narrator! Bwahahahaha!
A smallish figure sneaks up to the almighty webmaster of the illumina Version and attempts to get his attention. Finally, The hunched over figure achieved what he had set out to do. The illumina version webmaster looked down briefly to hear the opinion of this small figure, one known as "Igor II the extra". With the merest of thoughts the creator of the illumina version gave player status to "Igor II the extra" and renamed him to "Igor II"
Master... at least several other versions have a story narrator! and why did you make one? Couldn't you have just ordered one from that Evil Entity Extravaganza Catalog?
Quiet fool! no one must know of the illumina Versions lack of funds!
What about my first question?
Obviously annoyed, the illuminated one mega-kicked the foolish Igor II character into oblivion.
Give me back my text you stupid idiot!
calm down... you will eventually gain the ability to alter between story mode and regular Narrator mode.
Narrator feels a wave of relief as he makes the realization that he can change back at will.
Tylenol! When you want pain relief fast!
see? You're already learning! Anyways.. Now I must go...
Without much more of a word the master of the web space around the illumina version departed. With the task of creating more plot left to him, the narrator began a storyline whose end would come as quickly as its beginning.
Dilbert appeared!
Evil Darth Vader appeared!
You two! Fight now! I want to see lots of blood and stuff!
Dilbert: He's got a light saber! How am I supposed to fight him?!
Evil Darth Vader: With pleasure, invisible voice!
Evil Darth Vader used Slice n Dice!
illumina Shield appeared!
Evil Darth Vader's attack had no effect!
please... let's try NOT killing the main character from my favorite comic.
Dilbert recieved Super Hi-tech Laser cannon!
Dilbert used Laser!
Evil Darth Vader fainted!
Dilbert gained a level!
What? Dilbert is evolving!
Dilbert evolved into DarkDilbert!
DarkDilburt is corrupted!
With a new evil corroding his soul from within, the popular comic character lashed out at all those around him.
DarkDilburt went on a killing rampage!
As the comic character driven insane continued his killing frenzy a mob of police men appeared seemingly from nowhere. Finally disabling the crazed lunatic they hauled him to court. Shortly thereafter the charges were dropped as the judge and the entire jury were dilbert fans. Dilburt darkly walked away from the dark court during the dark day thinking dark thoughts and just generally exuding darkness everywhere.
By illumina@graalmail.com
Dilbert turned evil and started killing people?! You call that an ending?
erg... whatever...


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