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Recap: Bob the Cameraman makes a terrible mistake. He has opened the Aqua Version portal and released a Doompuff knock-off. Now, the whole existance of Purple Version is hanging in the balance! I'll get the popcorn.

Battle #31: The Aqua Strikes (May 13, 2000)
Setting: Purple Version, Midnight in a spooooooky forest. Sounds spooooooky, doesn't it?
Player: Bob the Cameraman [Record: 9-9-2] Last Battle: Win vs. Lt. Surge (Bob Battle #8)

Ugh, I can't believe that I saw that stupid Return To Me movie...
It was so boring that I slept through it three times!
And now I have toy walk home...alone...in a spooky forest...

Return To Me! Now playing in theaters everywhere!
This is no time to trigger an ad, Bob! I've gotta get home!
Bob is running away!
Bob crashed into Tree!
AAAAAH! Please! Don't hurt me!
Tree used Leaf!
Tree left!
I'm sick of these stupid Red Version jokes! We need something fresh!
Bob was so busy talking that he bumped into sign!
OW! That hurt! What does that sign say anyway?
Sign states: "Thou who disturbs this passage will before thou punished by the Aqua Webmaster!"
Woah, I strumbled myself right into the Network!
It must have been that booze I had at the snack bar.

Aqua Version! King Of The Network! Currently at #1!
I'm sick of these ads! Let's just get it ON!!!
Aqua Version's Portal opened!
Rabid Jigglypuff Of Doom appeared!
Hey! How come he can have a long name and I can't!
Bob used Re-Name!
Rabid Jigglypuff Of Doom was renamed DoomPuff!
Haha! Now your name isn't long anymore!
DoomPuff is angry!
DoomPuff wants to fight!
Bob wants to fight!
You wanna play? Then we'll play!
DoomPuff used Fires Of Damnation!
Fires Of Damnation appeared!
Huh? What do they do?!
Bob is confused!
It hurt itself in its own confusion!
Hey! Humans aren't it's! They're...uh,...thingies...
DoomPuff says to get you confused was the whole point of the Fires Of Damnation!
DoomPuff used the Fires Of Damnation also to burn you to a crisp!
Ouchies! Why must you hurt me!
DoomPuff used Search!
DoomPuff is searching all portals!
What the heck are you doing? We have a battle going on!
DoomPuff pulled out every evil character in the Network!
Hey! No fair! That's no fair! You're unfair!
DoomPuff says to shut up!
All Evil Characters used Mesmerize!
Ha! Do what you want but nothing can distract me!
Butterfly whizzed by!
Ooooh! A butterfly!
Bob is chasing Butterfly around in a circle!
Hehehehehehehehe! Hey butterfly!
All Evil Characters used Slam!
Oh-no! I'm in trouble!
Bob was slammed upward!
Looks like Team Bob is blasting off again!
Bob turned into a tiny star!
Team Rocket appeared!
Team Rocket accuses Bob of stealing their losing trademark!
DoomPuff made Team Rocket turn into a little star too!
DoomPuff will not rest until every last Purple Version character is illiminated!
All Other Evil Characters agree!
DoomPuff says for them to shut up!

Battle #32: Deep Cover Cool Dude (May 17, 2000)
Setting: Purple Version; Cool Dude's basement
Player: Cool Dude [Record: 3-3-0] Last Battle: Loss vs. Emperor Cow (Battle #28)

Attttennnnnshun!!! Everyone out!
Cool Dude brings all his Pokemon out of their PokeBalls!
Pikachu complains that he was just getting warm in his jacuzzi until you bugged him!
Enough about that, we have a bigger problem. We need to have a secret meeting!
Snorlax asks if there will be food at the meeting!
Uh, no.
Snorlax used Run!
Snorlax ran away!
Oh whatever. This is our plan!
Cool Dude smacks map!
Map makes a gong noise!
Um, alright then.
We have tracked down the enemy, the eeeevil Emperor Cow!
Pikachu wonders why this Emperor Cow is so eeeevil!
Well, uh, I mean...
Cool Dude has no right to kill Emperor Cow if he can't think of why!
Yes I do!
Cool Dude doesn't have a reason!
Oh well. Back to the plan.
You see, we start over here then sneak over here, and then...

Psyduck says he has a headache!
Fine, then take this.
Cool Dude gave Psyduck Tylonel!
Psyduck ate 70 Tylonel tablets!
NNNNOOOO! Psyduck! Everyone, HIT THE DECK!!!
Psyduck blew up!
Everyone looks at his remains!
Poliwhirl asks if he can go to the bathroom!
*sigh*, okay, you can go.
Poliwhirl left!
Helicopter landed!
AAAAH! That stupid piece of scrap metal destroyed my flower bed!
Emperor Cow stepped out of helicopter!
Well, that's okay. Emperor Cow, I have a suprise for you!
Fire PokeDex Missile!
Oak: Cool Dude! This isn't the time to use that!
Yeah, well the heck with you, Oak!
Cool Dude destroyed PokeDex!
Oak appeared!
Oak: You destroyed my million dollar PokeDex!
Well, sorry. Hey, what's going on here?
Pikachu took off costume!
Pikachu is really a top secret agent!
Pikachu says you are under arrest!
Yeah, Oak. Save it for the judge!
Pikachu means you!
Aaah! What?!?!
Pikachu carries Cool Dude away in handcuffs!
Just you wait, Emperor Cow. When I get out of jail, you will die!
Webmaster: Wait! There was no battle! We have to go on!
Shut up, Webmaster!
Cool Dude used Destroy!
Webmaster fainted!

Battle #33: Battling Jailbirds (May 20, 2000)
Setting: Purple Version county Jail
Player: Cool Dude [Record: 4-4-0] Last Battle: Win vs. Webmaster (Battle #32)

Singin' the darn jail blues...get down, now...
Oak says to shut up!
Excuse me, Mr. Beauty Sleep! You've been sleeping for 7 hours, you lazy pig!
Oak says you destroyed his well-made PokeDex!
Oh-yeah? Well, it still works! Look!
Cool Dude faced PokeDex at Oak!
Dexter: Arbok...the flame Pokemon...when it rails it's *leg, it releases* a powerful*!% gas...
They don't make these things like they used to...
Oak is enraged!
Oak wants to fight!
Cool Dude wants to fight!
Hey! You never even gave me a choice!
Oh well, it's a good idea anyway! Sandslash, GO!!!
Cool Dude sent out Sandslash!
Oak sent out a Pokemon you can't get in the game!...
AAAAAH! It's...it's...it!
Mew is angry!
Mew doesn't like to be called an "it!"
Uh-oh, I'd better get ready to say ouchies...
Mew is chasing Cool Dude around his cell!
Cool Dude crashed into bars!
Cool Dude squeezed through the bars!
Hey! I'm out! Hahahahahaha!
Hey Oak. Why are you shining like that?

Oak crashed through the bars!
Mew starts to beat up Cool Dude!
Oh yeah? Snadslash! Show that thing who's boss!
Sandslash used show Who's Boss!
Sandslash shows who's boss!
Boss is Mew!
What the heck is your problem, Sandslash!
Sandslash ran out screaming crazily!
Sandslash was captured into the Insane Aslyum!
*sigh*, that's the 4th this week!
Mew fainted!
Huh? How? Why?
Oak did it on purpose!
Oak did it because he takes pity on you!
Yeah, you better put pity on-
Hey! That's an insult! You wanna mess!?
Oak and Cool Dude are squabbling about!
Oak took out Gun!
AAAAAAH!!!! Where'd you get that from?!
Oak won it at an arcade for 3,000,000 tickets!
Darn! I have 2,999,999 tickets!
Oak shot all the windows like a crazy man!
What the heck are you doing! You're supposed to shut me!

Oak is ready to shoot!
Footsteps are heard!
Holy bollash! It's the police guard!
Cool Dude dashed away!
Policeman appeared!
Policeman puts Oak into the electric chair for breaking out!
That won't end well...

Battle #34: DoomPuff Raid (May 22, 2000)
Setting: Purple Version, Some City
Player: Guy [Record: 1-3-2] Last Battle: Draw vs. Webmaster (Battle #26)

Hey, where am I?
Guy regained conciousness!
We know that already!
Guy is dancing around like an idiot!
No one ever gives me respect!
I'll just look out the window and stare at the glorious landscape.
DoomPuff is destroying Guy's house!
AAAAAAH!!! What the hey is that?
PokeDex: DoomPuff, the Maniac Pokemon. Once released from its home, Aqua Version, it goes absoluty crazy though it already is.
DoomPuff is insulted!
DoomPuff ate PokeDex!
Eep..that Pokemon looks scary...
DoomPuff glares at Guy!
Ahehehe...take it easy, big fella...
DoomPuff lunges at Guy!
AAAAAARGH! All women, children, and cowards first!
DoomPuff bit into side of windowsill!
DoomPuff is running after Guy like a maniac!
Uh..maybe I just have to fight him and then he'll go away...
Bob McDob, GO!
Guy sent out Bob McDob!
DoomPuff used Kill!
Bob McDob was killed!
Holy bollash! It ate him in one bite!
Guy passes many familiar characters from Red Version!
Woah, I've been running so far that I went into other versions!
Guy passed Electric Version!
Pikachu peeked his head out for one milisecond!
Pikachu was killed by DoomPuff!
That's it! I've had enough of you!
Guy pulled out gernade!
Wonder what happens when you pull the pin off this thing...
It blows up, stupid!
Blows up? Oh-no!
Guy threw gernade at DoomPuff!
Gernade took out 7HP of DoomPuff!
How much HP does DoomPuff have now?
DoomPuff now has 11000HP!
Holy crud! That thing's strong!!
Guy reached the end of the line...Black Version!
I shudder hearing the name...
DoomPuff, you got me. I surrender!
DoomPuff turns pasionit!
DoomPuff no longer wants to kill you!
Really? Thanks!
DoomPuff now wants to eat you!
Guy was eaten!
DoomPuff wins!
DoomPuff burps!

Battle #35: The Silent Wind Of Doom (May 27, 2000)
Setting: Purple Version's recreation of China Town
Player: FreakBoy [Record 1-0-0] Last Battle: Win vs. Toxin (Battle #19)

FreakBoy chopped dead fish in half!
A good attempt, my fair challenger but my ninja power is too great for you.
Webmaster rolls his eyes!
FreakBoy jumps to the side!
FreakBoy spots a figure!
Hey! Ya big dumb ugly doofus!
Figure looks at FreakBoy!
I'll pay two bucks to you if you fight me!
Figure is Samurai of Death!
Samurai accepts your challenge!
Who cares if you're the Samurai of Death?
I'm not scared of you!

FreakBoy is scared of Samurai of Death!
You're right. I'm a coward, a wimpy-wimpy, a bumbling coward...
Samurai kicks FreakBoy for his ignorance!
Oh yeah? I'll kill you!
FreakBoy used Kill!
FreakBoy killed a rock!
Eh, what was that?
Go! FreakBoy!
Samurai sent out Samurai!
Let's see you handle this!
Freakboy is discoing the night away!
FreakBoy takes off his shirt and twirls it around!
Boogie down, baby!
FreakBoy has gone completley insane!
Samurai is completley intimidated!
Watch me destroy you, haha!
FreakBoy used Punch!
FreakBoy punched Samurai!
Nothing happened except that FreakBoy broke his knuckles!
Well, I gotta get these things fixed...
Samurai is thinking!
Hey! This isn't the trading card game!
Pokemon Trading Card Game for GBC! Avalible at your local Nintendo retailer!
Yargh, I hate advertisments...
Samurai thought of something!
Samurai used Random Very Powerful Death-like Ninja Move!
Must...be able...to...win...

FreakBoy remembers his ninja lessons that he never payed attention to!
Yay! This'll give me some tips!
---Learn to sway like the Ginko flower---
Yeah, what else?
---Clear your mind of wimsy---
Okay, now show me the good stuff!
---Lesson #3752: The Silent Wind Of Doom! (Also known as the Headband Thingy)---
That's it! That's the move!
Wax on! Wax off! And now...kill!!!!

FreakBoy used Silent Wind Of Doom!
FreakBoy used The Headband Thingy!
Now I will destroy you with my windy blows!
FreakBoy is ninjaing around like a crazy idiot!
Samurai was blown away!
Ninjaing? What is ninjaing?
FreakBoy wins!
HAHAHA! From now on, I'll be called NinjaFreak!
FreakBoy can't change his name!
Darn, well okay...
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