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Welcome to PokéBattles: Foxfire Version. PokéBattles are a unique form of parodic Pokémon fanfiction from the early days of the Pokémon fandom and in the style of the games' narration, defined by the presence of a player who speaks, and a NARRATOR who describes (and, often, distorts) everything else, one line at a time. For more information, go to pokebattles.com, the official site. This site is an unofficial revival, and I want it to live and grow.

"Foxfire" is a name for ghostly lights at night. Sparks of light and flame from decay of the past. Ghosts, spirits, things that lead travelers astray. A memory of what has been in the past, and new life stemming from death. This website is both a memorial to Poké Battles as they were, and a revivification of the format that I hope will last longer than it did before. Also, Ninetales.

New battles will come on Thursday. Updates on the state of the network come on Saturday. New Amber Archive versions will come on Saturdays as available. Other updates will come as feasible.

You can contact me, Hiber, at pokebattles.foxfire@gmail.com. The site also has a Discord here.

5/27/2024: It's still 5/27 somewhere, it still counts.
War Event 2 is very late but it's the site's third anniversary today.
Currently aiming for 5/30 for the release.

5/25/2024: Network Update: Sandy Version has Battle #118 "Rug Pull" up! The plot thickens and decisive events occur. Go read it!
Burnout status: Being the boss of WE2. I'm writing it and I know where I'm going with it but it might still be late...

5/18/2024: Network Update: Sandy Version has Battle #117 "Caught Up In A Rescue" up! Sam's story progresses. Go read it!
Burnout status: hopefully averted.

Older News

Latest Battle: Battle 145: Financial Meltdown

I think this plot-arc is finally coming to a close. Literally half the Version's lifetime...
It's about the right time, too. It's almost the 25th anniversary.

Battle 145: Financial Meltdown 4/4/2024
Location: Hell, Second Circle
Player: Mammon [No Record]

TERRA appeared!
Oh joy.
Perhaps you can explain why two of my most profitable minions have gone missing.
More precisely, I can sense one of them on your person.
And... I'm the second-to-last, aren't I?

TERRA: Nah, last. I caught Lucifer off camera.
TERRA: He was really ticked off he didn't even get a scene. But we were out of time.
TERRA: Anyway, time to get in the ball.
... greedy. Selfish. Self-centered. ... Good.
What's your price?
I am money. I can offer you wealth beyond your wildest dreams.
TERRA: ... Just ... get in the ball already?!
Interesting. You're so devoted that no material wealth will sway you?
TERRA wants to fight!
... and there's my servant, right there.
Shame his ... 'Orphan Crusher 2000' never came to fruition.

LONGRAT: EXCUSE YOU, it's 'OrphanXruXer2000'.
LONGRAT: Sure you pronounced it right but THE XS ARE IMPORTANT.
LONGRAT: And besides! I paid you my dues. I love your employee life insurance policies!
Yes, yes, and I appreciate your soul tribute, now could we please--
... I suppose I must. Go, Mint!
MAMMON sent out MINT!
Die strike.
... Longrat, my employee, is not at work. Therefore, he must be on strike.
... good enough for NARRATOR!
LONGRAT: OI you know I'd break a strike for you any day--
And yet, somehow you have not. And you know how it is.
The moment it will profit us something to turn our backs on each other, we must.
It's just rational economics.

Congratulations! LONGRAT was caught!
TERRA: Oh, you cheating...
TERRA: Go, Pluto!
... God of Wealth? Really?
TERRA sent out PLUTO!
PLUTO BROKE the DIEs and DASHed off!
PLUTO ran away!
TERRA: ... uhhh. I'll have to get him back later.
TERRA: He's gone completely feral after he learned his planet was demoted to dwarf planet.
TERRA: So uh.... your money won't do you any good.
Tch. You know, I offer so much more than money...
TERRA: Your name is literally "profit" or "wealth" or something.
Well, yeah. That's the greatest trick I ever played.
Convincing them that I wasn't just the incarnation of wealth.
That there were non-greedy ways to accumulate excess and leave others without.
That serving money was somehow not inevitable service to greed.

TERRA: That's real nice, but uhh... You haven't sent out another Pokémon so.
Congratulations! MAMMON was caught!
TERRA: ... well, that's all of 'em.
TERRA: ... it's time.

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Pokémon and all related properties are owned by Nintendo; other properties used in this work are copyright to their respective owners. I own none of those properties. This site is a work of parody and historical documentation. Poké Battles is owned by Jason Ross.
I own only those characters and concepts original to this work.
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